manik malhotra_its my love story (part-23)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Cabir is getting ready. Till now ten dresses he changed still Aliya and mukhti are not approving
“Manik and druv please yaar help me” cabir shouted with disaster
“Wear a white shirt will blue jeans go for Rolex watch and camel leather shoe”
“Waw great yaar! Superb” druv compliments
Cabir took all out and wear everything looked in mirror
“Great yaar!” All said
“Manik you have good taste” Aliya said
Manik also got ready with a redshirt and blue jeans
He is looking stunning
All started

Navya got ready in her royal blue chudidar. She called nandini
Everyone are sitting in car, nandini picked the call
“Hai navya! ”
“Nandu how are you going can you pick me?”
“Sorry yaar as iam already at taj”
“Ok I will come by myself”
“Ok! Sorry navya”
“It’s ok nandu” navya hanged up phone

“O my God! Great tension released” cabir took deep breath
“Ok cabir all the best handle your drama queen we are leaving to marine drive”
“Ok guys pray for me”

All left cabir back and reached marine drive
Manik is looking nandini her pink lips smile on them making him more impatient. Manik want to kiss her badly but can’t
All took there place nandini sat beside Manik and mukhti

Navya reached taj. She saw cabir standing in entrance.
“Hai!” Cabir greeted her
“Hai! Where are everyone and why are you standing outside?”
“Navya! Actual its only you and me. Everyone are partying at marine drive it’s totally my plan I requested nandini to do such please navya just to make a date I did it I hope you understood”
“What the hell made you believe that I will come with you in” navya in harsh tone
“Navya please yaar! It’s our frist day don’t ruein and girls general like such surprises and adventures”

“I didn’t like it are you clear and never try to talk to me”
“Navya gussa chood and just come in and look if you don’t like then go”
“However it is iam annoyed”
“Plz yaar try once”
“No” she turned back cabir held her hand she is struggling to release herself cabir is requesting
“Aaaa man what are you doing leave that girl or shall I kick you?” Security came to rescue navya
“How dare you kick him? And what do you think that navya’ boy friend is so cheap?” Navya shouted at security
Both cabir and security shocked and looked at eachother
“Aye budda! Leave him and go we have our own issues we can solve go” she shouted
“Then why are fighting here go somewhere and fight”
“Why? Cabir how much you paid them?”

“So he paid 20,000 we can fight anywhere and why shall we go out we will go in and I will complain on you” navya took cabir hand and walked in

Manik after ordering food looked at everyone
Mukhti and nandini are talking
Drvu and Aliya are arguing at some point
Manik kept his right hand on nandini’s left hand and took I his kept on his thigh
Nandini who is seriously discussing about dress got cautious but didnot turn to his side but trying to get her hand back
Manik held strong nandini stopped fighting as its waste of energy he is not in a mood to leave
When nandini calm down Manik wrote on her hand with his finger
“I need a kiss”

Nandini didnot understand she showed him with fingers that not understand
Manik can’t get her he left her hand and kept his on her thigh to write
She wrote”I didn’t get you”
Manik this time wrote clearly one word after other she got it
Nandini spontaneously blushed and got tensed ad Manik always kiss her if she blushes

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  1. Manik is behaving like serial kisser imran at every episode he needs kiss.woow sunitha i just loved ur this ff character manik who is protective,romantic n with full of attitude

    1. It’s teenage attraction

  2. Sunitja 1 idea. Bring aryaman or someone else by whom manik will feel jealous n proposed nandu.its just a suggession if u find it rit with ur story track u can go 4 it. Plz update the nxt one

    1. No Lisa story is only about trust

  3. nice episode sunitha

  4. Wow…..

  5. Manik so romantic uaar

  6. Awesome episode

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