manik malhotra_its my love story (part-22)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

“I have a best idea” Aliya shouted
“What?” Curiously cabir asked
“Nandini is ready to give party to all of us when Manik is ok so we all generally plan for it but last moment we change venue for only navya to cabir’s date place.”
“Wow aloo! You rock! Awesome yaar!”cabir kissed on forehead
“Aliya I must say its good one for frist time if not you always give me wrong guidence about girls” druv said
“Because you are a womanizer” mukhti aligated on him
“No iam just a play boy” druv complimented himself
“Do you remember cabir that rose how mad she was at druv” Manik remembered
“Please guys don’t take her name even in dreams I don’t want”druv with shevering tone
All laughed
“Ok! Wait guys frist cabir which place did you decide to go on date?”
“My fav nandi hills”
“Bad idea cabir it’s not safe at night times”Manik suggested
“Yes I too agree” mukhti said
“No risk cabir and her safety is more important than date” Aliya declared
“Then suggest me a better place” “Marine drive open restaurant ” Mukhti “taj ”
Aliya “santhosh nagar Swetha Hotel”
“Don’t confuse me any one”
“Just go to beach” Manik suggested
“Taj is better” cabir said
“Ok done”
“Where shall we party”druv asked
“We will leave it to nandini”

Next morning all grabes nandini in parking
“Look nandini! We want party to nite” mukhti asked
“To nite! Ok ! But so hurry why?”
“Actually cabir want navya on date asuasal she rejected” Aliya explaining
Cabir with puppy face
“So if we say her that it’s your party she will come definitely then we people will change the venue not informing navya, cabir will catch her.”
“Ok! Plan is good but navya may reject me”
“Show your talent nandini” druv
“Ok! Fine! Where is date venue?”
“Taj” cabir
“Ok we will and our party?”
“It’s your wish” all together said
“Let me frist talk to my appa then decide”

Navya came to college
Cabir is nervous
“Hai navya” nandini wished
“Oneday I will kill all men, they all are pigs. Rascal how dare today you know when I was crossing road one biker hit me I fell down he instead of saying sorry he is bursting on me, I too made him listen all galiya which I known.”
“Did you get hurt” nandini asked
“No! But Iam mad today I will kill all men”
“All men but why? It’s just one who did mistake” nandini in a innocent face
“You don’t all men are alike Kaddus, kutta, arrogant, ..,l”
“Wait navya gussa chood I have a goidnews! Today iam giving party to you and fab5 as you all saved me and I was pending with party as Manik is back so shall we .”
“Party! Hurrey” navya shouted
“So you are coming”
” yes nandu I love parties”
Nandini smiled
All fab5 frist listening to navya thought date idea flopped cabir even started feeling bad but when navya said yes party all feel like shouting but just kept smiling
“Did you inform fab5?”
“No I had to frist I want to conform with you”
“Look call everyone except cabir.”
“Yesterday he asked for date you know I will not talk to him anymore”
“Date! O ho!”
“Actually I too felt same but in my rule book no dates”
“Navya when feel it then what’s problem”
“Look nandu men are men if just say yes in one attempt they will climb on our head and start ruling us show some nakra then they will be in our control ”
“Chi navya it’s cheating”
“Everything is fair in love and war”

“Look how cunning is she?” Cabir said to everyone
“Same ad you” Manik smiled
All fab5 left to class

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Ur update always bring a smile to my face….luving the cavya track…awesome.

  2. Party,date n all…cavya was funny as usual n i think alya likes druve thats why didnt give him a chance to flirt with others

    1. Did you the other story it’s nandini my dream girl

      1. Yes.. I read

  3. Superb suni awaiting for next update..

  4. hahahahaha poor cabir

  5. Seriously navya charecter was so cool

  6. Awesome n need a long n fast update plsss
    Sunitha I like ur this ff so pls give fast updates on this

    1. I updated long back

    2. I agree with sofi. Mee too like this one more than the other one

  7. What the hell? Why telly updates r not updating nxt part till now. I m checking my phn in every 10 mints..they became soo lazy nowdays

  8. Awesome episode, love you loads

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