manik malhotra_its my love story (part-21)


Manik Malhotra _its my love story

What?” Nandini got nervous
“Ya! What you are good no best at” Manik staring at her
“What do you mean?” Nandini got sweat on her forehead feeling more nervous
“Arey can’t you smile? For me”
Nandini looked at him with a surprise and nervous along with a relief took deep breath and smiled
Manik looked at her and felt something weired in her face feelings and asked” what was that?”
“Nothing” she smiled broadly

Manik took a pause and flashed something “wait what did you think I asked about?”
Nandini full of shy and horror just stood up with long step walked away saying “nothing bye”
Manik smiled went to class back of her.

Evening while going to parking Manik heard navya and nandini’s conversation
“Nandu you said that today fasting is for married one then why are you fasting?”
“Not like that it’s for getting best life partner and if married for husbands long life and prosperity ”
“Oh! Question is still existing why are you fasting?” Navya hit Nandini with her elbow saying “oho! For good husband?”
Nandini blushed “not exactly look navya ultimate truth is every human being needs a partner so if I expect best one what’s it?”
“Ok argument as point in it, so as topic is about best one say what’s best means in yours point of view?”

“He should be tall handsome sensitive protective caring romantic little confused little confident and try to be challenging even though expressive. Sometimes he should be like my saviour and sometimes he should take adventage. Sometimes he makes me smile, sometimes runaway with shy and horrer.” Nandini in trans just going on saying
“O Nandu darling come out of dreams no such human being is found on earth do one thing go to space and find one there”
“No there is one”Nandini said in flow
“Who?” Navya questioned
“Who means ma……” Nandini stopped and hit her head herself and said “man some where who will be in space”
“That’s what iam saying go to moon or Pluto and find one for you if get more bring parcel for me”
“No it’s only one piece made in space”nandini said with twisting her head like a dancing doll both laughed.
They took bike and went home.
Manik is revising her words made in space smiled went home.

Manik stood infront of mirror looked himself “iam I handsome are not?”
“Manik why the hell you are doubting and why all of sudden you want to look handsome” Aliya asked
“Did you get a girl friend or want a girl friend?” Drvu enquired
Manik Caughed mukhti gave him water he drank in one go
“Slowly Manik why now a days you behave weirded? Remember one day he just broke everything” mukhti pointed
“Oneday he sang total different track from all of us went solo” Aliya added
“Specially now a days going single gayab from sometime if we ask says nothing just fresh air” drvu to complained
“Now give preference to looks” all together shouted

Manik took a galp he is about to say cabir entered
“It’s too much yaar! I swear oneday I will go mad ”
“Do you have any doubt that you are not mad now?” Druv smiled
“Shut up! Manik iam fed up now”
“What happened you are also becoming drama queen now a days ”
“I asked for a date navya says no it’s not I our rule book”
All laughed at a time
Cabir kept a puppy face mukhti took her in arms and said “bechara! Bacha! How cute he is”
“Yes! A bomb looking cute it’s only possible for mukhti” drvu still laughing
“Shut up druv! Then what happened” Aliya asked
“Arey I took full efforts to convince but she is one who says no” cabir said in dissPointed
“Ok! Can we help?” Aliya asked

“Aloo you are my true friend I love you please”
“Ok tomm mrng mission navya for date” Aliya said
All accepted Manik felt happy that he is saved for today.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Ha ha ha manik awesome yaar

  2. Manik is soo naughty n sunitha is too much cute as u keeped my request. Waiting 4 the nxt..

    1. Yes it’s for you

  3. Superb suni…manik of course ur handsome buddy…..btw manik listening to girls convo is bad idea…. See ur frnds caught u …

  4. Awesome episode, nandu described manik so well…loved it very much. you loads

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