manik malhotra_its my love story (part-20)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

Nandini handed Manik all his notes which she completed up to date.
“So is it good being guilty or gratitude for helping you?” Manik asked keep one eyebrow high looking into her eyes
“No! None of them. So you helped me? Should I be gratitude?”
Nandini questioned back
“Oooo! So, ……. Then why did you do my work?” Ignoring her question. He knows she is tricking him back
“As you are member of fab5”
Manik surprised and said “what?”
“Yes!” She smiled
He felt annoyed “nice move”

“Yah! I have to, see every time your tricking on me”
Their conversation was left in finished as cabir came

After total three weaks Manik returned to college, he felt fresh and happy. Being alone at home was horrible for him. Mostly he want to spend time with his friends and nandini

Manik didnot find difficult in studies as nandini daily updates him.
Classes are going on seriously.
It’s the month of August, nandini is looking different Manik abserved her then he noticed it’s her dressing style, generally she prefer tight jeans with sleeveless tops but today she is in traditional dress chudeedar. White and pink combination. She is beautiful

It is free class all are just busy in their own works, talking, playing
Mukhti is writing physics, Aliya is helping her, cabir and druv playing with paper ball and book as cricket. Druv is batting with book cabir is throwing paper ball
Manik looked nandini, she is in his side bench. She is busy in talking with navya. He threw a paper on her, she looked either sides and about to turn to navya she found Manik is trying to say something
She concentrated
“Come out” Manik signalled her with eyes and hand

“No! How I will come?” She replied him in same manner.
“Just come out iam going” saying this he walked out
Nandini had no choice but how to convince navya is a big task for her

Manik got angry it’s five mins since he is waiting for her
She came running
“Why do you always make things so complicated for me? What can’t you just walk out?”
“Why do you so stubborn? What don’t you understand? How will I manage navya everytime?”
“I don’t care” he said in anger
“Fine! When you can’t understand no scence in coming here iam leaving” she turned back
Manik held her hand at dragged her to wall made her stuff to wall looking straight to her eyes with anger” how dare you leave me like this?”
“Do you think I require to be dare to walk from you?”
“O! So you don’t?”
“Yes I don’t”
“You are really testing my patience look if I get angry I will be wild” Manik warned her
“So to be wild with me you called me here?”
“No.But you always turn in such!”
“Really!” Nandini kept a weird face.

“As such you are talking to me soft and sweet?” Manik realised.He left her ,took a step back,kept his hands on his waist,took a breath “Fine.Waiting for you makes me impatient.”
“It wasn’t intentional.”
“Yes I know” he paused.Both sat on stairs.Manik looked at her once and asked “Why so traditional today?Anything special?”
“Today is an auspicious day in our south india, so this”
Manik offered chocolate for her. She took
“Actually it’s fasting day for me I can’t eat anything”
“Y? Dieting I think you don’t need”
“No not like that I said na its special day. Today we will fast whole day at night after puja we just have Prasadam”
“Oo! You can stay for whole day?”
“It’s my frist time I have to”
“I don’t like such costumes where we have to kill our wish”
“It’s not killing its sacrificing our needs to fulfill our wishes”
“So you are doing all this to fulfill a wish?….and…..what such a wish which you want to be fulfilled by blackmailing God?”

“Nothing! Just for bright future”
“O that’s it”
“Yes are you stressing?”
“No I thought it might be something special”
“Special what?”
“How would I know? Leave it! Bottom line is you look good today Manik complimented
“Thank you”

“Girls like compliments so I made you happy, now it’s your turn to reward me”
“Reward? Ooo what reward”
“The one which you are good at”
Nandini slipped her heart beat

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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