manik malhotra_its my love story (part-2)

recap; manik holds nandini in rain
manik smiled and took his bike and went home all four are waiting for him
where were you manik? we are worried nothing just stucked in rain i will change nd come
manik went up to his bedroom and took shawoor he remembered nandinis face
o god! how do i get rid of this girl????
he came out changed clothes nd came down all are having pasta
after an hour all are jamming suddenly manik started play sdajaleez pe jo tho na rakha
he was just esuming nandini nd the rain secence all stoped playing still he was in his own tune nd sing perfectly
after song completed manik opened the eyes all where just listening his song nd enjoying cabir frist came to senses nd started clapping all joined
manik was embarsed
song is beautiful u felt it said druv

manik accussed himself nd strongly decided to stay away from her

next when manik reached college nandini didnot come
“thank god! ” he felt relief
classes started she didnt come
two classes completed still she didnot come
manik worried may be she got flu for drenching in rain may be fever????
how is she???
is she ok?????
is she admitted in hospital???? if anything serious happpened then???? iam a fool i should have not let her go in rain

cabir asked manik what happened bro why are you so tensed????
ntg??? replied manik
its linch hour manik was about to go out he saw nandini walk with navya out of the class
what she was in class?? iam waiting for her worried about her???? he got angry
after classes startes anik checked class nandini and navya are sitting in back bench not in der regular place
he got more angry went to last bench and sat der
cabir asked manik “why the hell are we sitting in back bench???”
my wish cant we sit? asked manik in anger
cabir kept puppy face and looked at druv
druv askwd manik”buddy! what happened?”
ntg! we are sitting here thats it said manik in frustated voice both kept silence class started manik was watching nandini
after ten mins nandini looked back
manik was staring at her seriously
she smiled

he got more angry
nandini turned her face back with sorrow
nandini looked at him twice but he was same so she kept quit and looked af him again
after all classes over everyone are going manik too was back of cabir nd druv nandini called him he stopped
“manik thanks for your jacket”
“its ok”replied rudely nd took his jacket
manik what happened y r u so serious?
manik lost his patience”seriously you dont know?”
“no”replied in horrified voice
“y did you sit back mrng?”

“o thats it! vibha has notes to copy i was sitting with her”
“you! ”
maniks anger raised to peek “look miss murthy! if you want notes ask me no need to go here nd der to make me worried” “got it”
“yes”said nandini in low voice
ok! manik was about to walk away
manik called nandini
i need notes
which one???

he took the book gave her nd kept his coat inside nd turn to go she came runing near him and send in low voice
“manik! y did you search for me? why are you worried on seeing me missing?”
this unexpected question made manik nummm nd his anger flew away and a sweat smile came on face nandini smiled in returned and said no need to say now take your own time bye manik
she went away manik dropped his bag nd sat on the chair y??????

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  1. manan scene was awesome…..

  2. Wow! Nyc start….waiting for more episodes…:)

  3. Superr question babes

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    Keep going……

  5. amazing strt…..
    nd much amazing question….

  6. Amazing…

  7. Awwwww…it was soooooooo beautiful. …I just loved it. …manik you’re gone man. …nandini so adorable n sweeeeeet. … you soooooooo muchhhhhh sunitha for this beautiful ff…eagerly waiting for the next episode

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