manik malhotra_its my love story (part-19)


Manik Malhotra _its my love story

Nandini; can I ask you one question ?
Manik: yes,
Nandini; I don’t think that you behave same with other how you behave with me? Then why me?”
Manik looked her straight” so you know that I don’t behave as such with none”
Nandini; yes answered confidently
Manik; smiled ok, then you say what is the reason me kissing you”
Nandini; blushes and says I don’t know
Manik; now I will ask you one, why didn’t you slapped me or react when I kissed you? I mean negatively
Nandini looked blank
Manik; let me explain that Trilok tried touch you you felt akward, irritating and ill mannered but when I kissed you enjoyed the feeling you blushed why? Enjoyed na ….
Nandini head buried with shy, she just want to run, from this rare feeling which is making her blush and shy with heavily beating heart
Manik is enjoying her expressions.

All came back navya and nandini left. Fab5 enjoyed even at hospital
Cabir’s pinches, druv’s setires, mukhti and Aliya b*t*hing about nurses. Manik slept talking all went out.
“Girls you go home cabir will drop you I will stay with Manik today”
“Ok!call us if any emergancy”
All left
Nyionika came.
At dinner time nandini family came to visit Manik
“Mrs.malhotra, she is my wife Radha.
“Namaste” both greeted eachother.
“Manik how are you feeling now?”
“Doing well,uncle”
“This is kichidi for you” Radha offered.
“This boy is not eating anything.”
“When we are on medicine,we feel food tasteless.It happens!Manik beta try to eat something so that you recover faster.”
“Taking medicine without food is a bad idea.” Murthy suggested.
Nandini was just staring at Manik.
Evening the question which Manik asked was revolving in her mind.”Whenever I started asking questions,he used to get confused.But now,he is making me even more confused.Actually am I confused?No.I just don’t want to answer to his questions.Until and unless he says it clearly I’ll just play around him.Its funny and intresting.”by getting such idea she smiled. Her mobile gave a small bell, it’s msg she opened its Manik
“Again blushing? Do you want punishment again?”
She looked at him with anger
He blinked his eyes, with smile

After a weak Manik discharged from hospital. All fab5 started enjoying. Nandini is visiting him daily along with navya

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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