manik malhotra_its my love story (part-18)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Nandini went to hospital in the evening with soup. All fab5 are chatting. Navya is also with them.
“Yes here is our heroine” cabir said
Nandini felt embarrassed
“Heroine ? She? Bull shit yar!!! How much darpok no 1” mukhti said
“Arey yaar how much she cried you know? God silly girl can’t you even punch that bastard? And crying does ever do anything?” Aliya asked nandini with weirded face
“Yes yaar nandu they are right we should fight for our dignity” navya suggested
“Leave her yar! She is sensitive” druv defended
Manik just observing her

Nandini kept a puppy face and said”iam like this what should I do?”
Manik laughed seeing her expression and her dialogue”iam like this what should I do” imitated Nandini with girlish style
All laughed Nandini too join them.

“On serious note guys! Thank you very much for all the things” nandini said in a deep voice

“0! Nandini darling! Just thanks not working yaar give best party”mukhti shouted
Nurse warned silence
All said ushhhhhh
“Ok! Granted once Manik is ok we will part” nandini declared
“No now we are hungry what is it in your hand??”druv asked
“It’s soup for Manik”
“Ok! But iam hungry” druv said, me too,me too all added
“Ok canteen chal tha” cabir proposed
“Do one thing nandini you take care of Manik for some time we will eat and come.” Mukhti said
Manik felt happy
Aliya asked”do you want anything?”
Ok granted navya said and all walked out

Nanditha kept basket a side and removed soup and gave it to Manik
“No! Please just because you brought I had it yesterday not anymore”
“But your mom said you are not taking any thing?”
“Ya! That taste less food! Horrible I want to eat something taste”
“What do you want ?”
“Anything taste”
“Shall I bring kichidi?”
“Ok better but some toppings ghee and little spicy”
“Ok nite I will bring but now you have this”
With a unwilling face he took the bowl.
“Ok! Say how are you?” Manik asked trying to take soup
“Iam fine how are you? Is it hurting?”
“Some head pain is there but to be worried. Iam ok ”
“It’s all my fault”

“Chup! Sto blaming yourself everything is fine in fact at its best if any thing happens to you I would have either killed him or I would have died
“Why” nandini asked with a cute innocent face
Manik turned to her “if you ask such questions I will just grab you tight and kiss you till you shout to breath.”Manik is trying to control his feelings
Nandini felt shy looked all sides and blushed
Manik looked her once “just bolt the door and come I need some help”
Nandini locked the door and came
“Keep this pillow up ”
She went on him to adjust he kept his hand on her back pressed him tight to his chest other hand on her hair and took her lips and sucked them with passion
Nandini looked with wide open eyes and felt shy her eyelids slipped half down.

“This is for your blushing” he said softly in her ear she stepped back, smiled.
“Go and own door if not all will kill us” Manik warned
Nandini opened door

“If they ask me I will say that iam in bed unable to get up its nandini seeing me alone taking advantage of me” with blinking eyeS
“What? I took advantage?” “How cheap?nandini kick him in stomach
“Aa it’s true ”
“You are really dengerous” she beats him with pillow he is laughing and saying
“You are dangerous taking advantage of me?”
“Seriously you again say it I will kill you”still beating him
“Wait ! You instigated me to do so, the who is taking advantage? You area playing with my weakness”

“Manik!” This time she started beating hard
“O ! Ho! You are not children not grown up a girl he is patient let him take rest and what is this shouting maintain silence”nurse banged harshly
Nandini sat on stool silently Manik laughed.
Nandini kept puppy face.

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Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. u r going fine…pls its very interesting and entertaining. why r u losing interest? if u need time take some rest dear. we can understand.

    1. Thank you for your caring iam obilized

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    Good job….
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    1. Just for you I updated
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    If u r losing interest in it plz strt manan rivals season 2 I am sure everyone vl b happy n eager to read it
    On my part I njoy both ur ffs
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    Ty thanks a ton

    1. I can’t vaishali! Rivals story is from a awkward situation to a unbare able situation with love .
      In future I may try but now it’s impossible
      Thanks for being so loving

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