manik malhotra_its my love story (part-17)


Manik malhotra_its my love story.

Manik wake up at 7 in the morning.
All came in see him. Manik looked arround smiled a little searching for nandini with eyes, he didnot find. Felt little sad was about to turn face saw nandini peeping from the back of murthy with tears filled eyes, just like a small kid fearing from mom after doing mischief.
Manik smiled. Nandini tried to smile her tears dropped on her cheeks.
“How are beta!”Nyionika kissed him on forehead
“Ok! Mom” with low and weak voice

All looked him as nurse send everyone out, unwillingly came out.
Nandini looking back going out Manik called her waving his hand she came as all going out she is last nobody looked her waiting
“How are you? Don’t worry i will be fine soon. Please don’t cry”
“Iam fine” she with lots of pain answered him and nodded head for other answers.
Manik looked at she is still in blood stained dress, hair scattered eyes swollen by crying lips too
Manik want to hug her tight and feel her so that she may feel better but no chance, just seeing her going.

Murthy and nandini went home, all fab4 also went home to fresh up. Nyionika sat beside son. Malhotra after sometime went home and brought Manik salad and soup, fresh dress, his fav pillow.
Nyionika helped Manik to change dress, and fresh up.
Nandini with murthy came with s basket.
“Some hot milk and soup” nandini said, nyionika smiled and showed soup which malhotra brought ” his dad brought from home”
“It’s ok we will feed him what he feels taste” malhotra said seeing nandini sad

Manik was in pain all day. Just sleeping all his friends, navya came to see him. They sent nyionika home to fresh up and take some rest.
Nandini is feeling guilty because of her Manik is in pain.

After two days Manik was little better. Forcedly all fab4 and nandini went to college. As nyionika warned them to attend .

Nandini went to nyionika’s room in lunch hour.
“Yes nandini”
“Madam! How is Manik?”
“Fine doing well no need to worry or feel guilty. It’s fine and iam proud of him do you relax”
“Mam! If you can give me his notes I will copy all notes and lessons, which is he missing now and return you back when he is ok”
Nyionika looked her smiled”can you manage to write twice , I mean your and his?”
“Yes mam!”
“Ok then I will send them to you”
“Thank you mam”
Nandini turned back. Nyionika called her back”nandini! Can you do a favour for me if you don’t mind”
“Sure mam!”
“Can bring the recipe of that soup which you bought yesterday actual Manik just had only that one nothing else so..”
“Sure mam! And I will bring the soup in the evening”
“No need I will make it if I get receipe”
“Today I will bring both from tomm you can make it for him”
“Ok thanks”
Both exchanged smile

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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