manik malhotra_its my love story (part-16)


Manik malhotra_its my love story.

Manik took nandini on her bike trilok’s address. All things are set still everyone are tensed.
Navya and mukhti took Mrs. Trilok on time.
Nandini is shivering, her tears are flowing like hell.

It is a under construction building near juhu. Nyionika is standing in exactly back of nandini in other room besides pillar.the principal also stands besides her.
Cabir is down covered himself to check trilok’s moments
Druv is at other entrance so that he can’t escape.
Manik is front of nandini. He is so much stressed. “How can some one hurt nandini? These tears are killing me nandu I swear I will make each drop compensate from that bastard.”
Nandini want to run away, but Manik is giving her strength. She is trying to be strong.
Manik’s mobile vibrated its cabir”target approaching”
“Everyone keep your mobiles silent. He is coming. Nandini don’t fear. Just stand still” Manik informed everyone.
All building is silent as all workers completed work and gone it little bit dark due to dawn of the day.
Trilok is whistling a song and coming up revolving keys like a typical crood.

Listening to whistle sound nandini started shevering and sweating her legs are shaking.
Trilok entered the room he saw nandini and smiled.
Trilok; hai nandini! So you came. Good I like it.he smiled at by seeing him nandini started to cry
“Arey! What is this? Why are you crying? See I called you here to love you give you new experience and you will also get full marks. So need to cry or fear baby!” Trilok wiped her tears nandini jerked back in fear.
Manik was boiling in anger
Mukhti and navya along with Mrs. Trilok came. Cabir msgd Manik,he felt relaxed” trilok you are finished.”

All three ladies came up without noise as they said its surprise even Mrs. Trilok all coming silently.
“Look nandini in life we have adjust, these adjustment gives us best in life see iam so handsome my wife is a dumbo! Still iam adjusting and getting pleasure outside all this.”
Mukhti msgd Manik
Trilok kept his hand on her chin and raised nandini’s face. She is crying
“Nandini! Don’t cry and spoil my mood” trilok shouted
Manik was about to come

Mrs.trilok came and turned him to her side and slapped him.
Manik switched on lights and took nandini aside
Nyionika and principal came out
“Are you a man or a animal? She is a kid can’t you even notice?” Shouted Mrs.trilok
“Your really really sick mr.trilok you are suspended with black remark in your carrier and will see to that you will never get a job again in your life time” nyionika warned him
Trilok was shocked and lost his scence, “you blo*dy b*t*h! How dare you…” He took a wooden blog, and in anger with total force hit nandini but Manik in fraction of seconds hugged nandini and turned back, the blog hit is head and broke.

Druv came running and took trilok’s waist and throw him away, nyionika ran towards Manik cabir came up with cops!
Manik is taken to hospital. Nandini is crying like a baby. Her dress is full of manik’s blood.
Nandini father came to hospital
He heard everything and hugged nandini. “Appa! Manik!” She is crying.
“Nandu! My bachi! Don’t worry nothing happy God is there. Pray for him”
Nyionika is crying
Mr. Malhotra came running
Druv, cabir, Aliya and mukhti are roaming here and there with tension
Docter came out of operation theatre ” don’t worry we scanned his skull it’s only a slight crack without any other complications some traces of wooden blog were there which we removed and stocked his skull. He will have pain for some time. Using medicine will cure him so no need to worry. He will be shifted to ward in half an hour one by one can visit him. Till morning he will be unconscious.”
” thank you Doctor” everyone at time aaid it. All felt relaxed but nandini’s tears are not yet stopped.

Whole night all fab4, nyionika, mr.malhotra, nandini and her father stayed in hospital
Nandini’s father thanked nyionika and her husband, for saving his daughter and explained his grievance for manik’s situation.
They both made murthy to feel free with them by saying it’s our duty to look after every student and about Manik he maintained our dignity by saving her if in his place nandini would have been for which we would felt more bad.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Amazing dear… I love ur both the ff’s … The one which ended yesterday nd this one also…

  2. their plan worked out successfully but manik is hurt……. soon he should be recovered………. in real life na these plans wont work…….. if that blo*dy lecturer says that he is arranging tution like that thing parents will accept and send their children and then they will take advantage….and thank god this principal, nyonika are supportive…good going suni…. thanks for kyy3…..

    1. Ya! I too agree
      These blo*dy rogs,they are disgusting

  3. Thanks yaar sunitha. It was super duper. After aa long time i feel that u r seriously giving time to this ff, i felt to kill the teacher while reafing it n for manik action just thumps up

  4. Superrr manik

  5. Good going…..
    Waiting for next part….

  6. Awesome episode, love you loads

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