manik malhotra_its my love story (part-15)


Navya called manik “I think going alone is a bad idea , You and mukthi join me.”
Manik “yeah, come down I am in parking place” its andheri west “here comes the apartment”
All three of them got down and walked to flat no. 206 “are you sure you can do , Navya”
“Yeah sure don’t worry” the knocked the door a lady opened the door
“namasthe madam are you Mrs.Trilok “yes” replied the lady “we are from space academy trilok sir teaches us statistics today we want to give him a surprise party for which you are invited”
“why me? Asked the lady” “generally college parties don’t involv family so what is special today?”
“its given by us not the college and our sir loves you a lot we want you to attend the part as it is a surprise him” “oh at what time party starts” “after college I will come and pick ou madam” said manik next “ ok I will be ready by that time” they all thanked her and returned manik called fab five “cabir is the work done” “manik all set” cabir replied dhruv what ‘bout your work ”all set buddy” “manik nandihni is still cryng need help rush to college “ok I will come there in 30 mins “

“Nandini crying like this doesnot solve solve any problem inspite makes hem ore powerful be strong face it and solve we are here for you” nadhini looked straight into manik’s face and said “ I want to go home please!”
“so that he will win and again trouble you and others with more josh is this what you want?” manik asked harshly
Nandhini nodded “no” manik wiped here tears and said “nothing happens I am here for you” with a smile nandhini tried to smile but she couldn’t

It is statistics class Mr.Trilok came to take his class aliya and navya sat beside nandhini the forced her to be normal in class they even cracked senseless jokes but nandini was stressed and tensed by seeing trilok after college nandini denied o go to trilok’s place she was continuously crying everyone were trying to make her understand the situationbut she was unable to take daring step manik came to her sat on his knees wiped her tears “look here nandhini do you believe me

“Then come on I will stay behind you nothing will happen nobody can touch you so please be strong and believe in us we can do it”

Credit to: sunitha.k

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  1. Finallyyyeee…after a long long wait. Sunitha if possible plz gives frequent uodate of this ff as u did in case of rivals

  2. plz update the next 1 soon ….waiting eagerly ….lots of love

  3. Was nice …waiting for next.

  4. Need to be teach him a lesson

  5. Wowwww awesome episode, love you loads

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