manik malhotra_its my love story (part-14)


Recap; Manik kissed nandini

Listening to some sound nandini pushed Manik ” I think some one is coming I need to leave bye”
” ok!”
Both went to auditorium again.

Whole night Manik couldn’t sleep. Nandini’s expressions, softness of her lips, her waist everything made him to loose his sleep

Next got up lately as it was holiday. He eventually smiled remembering the kiss again. Took mobile and messaged nandini and went to fresh up as he didnot expect any reply

Fab5 came home Manik is happy and playing music with gang. Manik now knows nandini well. She is mine this thought gave him confident and happiness along with belief

Manik didnot get reply all the day he got angry but felt ok she can show little attitude. Night before sleep he just got good night messages which made him smile

Manik went to college early to see nandini. Why he don’t know but he felt she will come early, as he gussed her bike is seen happily he went in while crossing staff room he clashed with nandini. Totally drenched with sweat tears filled eyes, shevering just ran out and say under tree trying to breath properly Manik came back of her
“What happened?”
Nandini is still breathing heavy and unable to speak. Manik went in brought some water she drank
“It’s ok frist feel better”
After ten mins she became normal but her fear and tears are uncontrolled
Manik called navya from nandinis mobile and asked her rush to college
Navya came
“Manik what the hell happened?”
Suddenly she saw nandini crying
“Nandu! What happened?”
Nandini hugged her tight with shevering voice and hiccups nandini said ” statistic sir! Called me to come early ….. I went……… Staff room…… He took my hand…….. “She cried Manik understood little but wanted to know total
” nandini! Ok! Breath in and breath out fine do it again good… Say slowly ”
“He …asked……….”showed finger to herself
“Evening after…….college……”
“Aaaaa slowly take breath ”
“At his new …..,,, building …..for.,,” she cried
Manik hit the tree strongly navya hugged her tight
Manik was about go to hit him with anger navya stopped him
“Manik not this way I will say how and when” firmly
Manik looked at her, her confidence gave him some answer stopped him.

Manik is boiling with anger” how can anyone do this to her? She pure, delicate and eternal. That bastard will pay for this” he kicked the tree again it’s bleeding but the pain he is getting by seeing nandini more.

Navya discussed her plan with fab5 all liked it.
” it’s good but in fab5 vintage style”
Manik said
Navya go to sir’s house be a drama queen
Cabir go and fix camera at both places
Druv collect police
Aliya and mukhti stay with nandini
Ok done all said at a time
I will meet mom

Manik went to nyionika
“Mom! It’s urgent I need to talk”
She sent everyone out
Manik said everything. Nyionika is in total anger and lost her patiences.she took phone about to call Manik stopped her said his plan to trap him.
“This bastard trilok I will see his end ” ” you carry on I will come there on time”
“Ok mom thanks”
“Manik take care and iam proud of you”
“Ok mom bye ”
He went out

Plan started.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Was it necessary to happen with poor nandu? Manan even didnt start their love story fully.hope manik will help nandu to get rid of this feelings

  2. How can a lecturer do like this

    1. Bcoz there r many evil people in this world who doesnt respect others not even their noble profession

      1. Yes Lisa I too agree

  3. Your ffs r really superb

  4. it’s really sad yar….
    Poor nandu….
    Keep going…
    Waiting for next part….

  5. Poor nandini. …

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