manik malhotra_its my love story (part-13)


College is decorated with balloons banners and cutouts
Manik want to talk to Nandini took his mobile and then flashed “oh! Shit I didn’t take her number! Dam it! Iam really a dambo as she call me”
As all day college was closed for evening party
Manik wear a jeans white shirt an a blazer took his hardly Davidson bike and started to college but he want to see Nandini frist he thought of going her home then his mobile got a ring took his bike a side and picked the call it’s Aliya
“Manik pick me iam at gate of my house car punchered”
Manik agreed and went to Aliya’s house with little sadness

Manik was waiting for nandini since half an hour he is wexedup roaming here and there watching at gate
A car came and stopped, from the passenger side a leg with golden anklets brown highheels stepped out and came out, it’s nandini with peacock blue lehanga same color blouse lemon yellow transperent chundu with big jhumka both hands full bangles.
Manik is speechless he felt like a most delicate flower infront of him
“Hai Manik!” Nandini wished him
“Your just so delicate and beautiful like a fresh rose”
Nandini smiled and blushed “compliment is definitely a unique one and best thank you”
Manik walked with her in
“I was waiting for you so long”
“Girls take time to wear all this to get such compliments you see”
Manik smiled “really you are different you have answers to everything. Aaa let me frist give me your mobile no”

“We didn’t exchange numbers, till now? ”
“Yes so can you?”
Nandini gave him number Manik ringed her back she saved it he too

Party started with fab5 song yaaro
Then some prize distribution. Now came a cat walk of juniors.each one had to participate marks are allotted then they are again asked to show their talent then again few are selected from them miss fresher and mr. Fresher are nominated.

In whole process navya and cabir got selected as they were funny and most entertaining. Manik messaged nandini to walk to steps back of music room
Nandini replied no
Manik sent smiles
Nandini got annoyed decided not go but in few mins with anger face went to meet Manik
“Manik every time you can’t call me like this I want to enjoy”
“I want to enjoy with you”
“Then sit besides me that simple” she replied
“Ok! Then let’s go”
He started walking nandini held his hand and stopped “Manik it’s not funny”
“Ok I will sit”
“Gud! Every time why are you so difficult for me to get to you?”
“Every time why are you so stubborn to me”
“Ok! Compensated”
“Tell what you want to say”

“Nothing I just want to be with you”
“That’s all”
“Yes” Manik replied and took her hand playing with her bangles
Nandini kept her chin on knees and looking at him
“I think you have something to say me” Manik reminded
“We were at one point remember that you understood frist so you have to express frist”
Nandini smiled and blushed “but now you too understood so you express frist”
“Your the one who understood frist so you do it”
“No you have to do it”
“Is there any hard and fast rule no you frist” nandini spoked seriously
“Look Manik seriously you have to”
He took her and made her to stand to wall and kept his two hands besides in such a way that she is locked in between them “you will say it now”
“No” he came near her
“No”she replied strongly

“No” he came more near that their bodies are brushed to each other
“No”Looking into his eyes
Both had a eye lock Manik kissed her both lips of him just held her lid and sucking all the honey from them, he took breath and again from other angle he did it same her hands went to his hair he hugged her close without leaving her lips
Kiss lost for five minutes both just took deep breath nandini started running Manik catches her and dragged her and kissed her again

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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