manik malhotra_its my love story (part-12)


On steps of music room Nandini and Manik are sitting silently both are thinking same “what cabir said is right?”
Both spoke at time ” are you thinking about cabir’ swords”
And laughs
“Shall we check how many things are common in us” manik proposed
Nandini accepted
“Ok! I love music”
“I too”
“I love my friends they are like family”
“I too”

“I don’t neglect studies for anything”
“I too”
Both are happy
“Iam short tempered but later I realize”
“I don’t get angry so soon”
“I easily forget other mistakes if they are not really big”
“Iam not so type I feel bad so takes time to forget”
“So we have some things in common”
“Iam happy you know since yesterday iam just worrying about this”
“Me too”nandini said with great relief
“Shall we go to class?”

Both walked to class

Freshers part;
Whole college was decorated beautiful

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. little bit longer

  2. Good nut very short
    Next time longer one

  3. Thats not fair yaar 🙁 . I mean u give update of ur this ff in a gap of 1 day n thats to too short. I understand u have to take time from ur busy schedule n u give us a lots of update of ur other ff. Personally i like the rivals one more bt i also like this one. Soo plz dear if possible make this one also large n give regular update. Thank u for ur both beautiful n different ff

  4. What yaar so short update

  5. plss aap #rivals ff update karo na…. n dis ff is nce …

    1. I uploaded two in row

  6. Goood….but too short…I knw you must be busy with your studies or other works….:)
    Hoping for a biig update very soon…:)

    1. Sorry yaar next pakka big one

  7. Where is episode 11 if possible post again plz aur rivals vale ff pe episode 8 kyon likha hai

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