manik malhotra_its my love story (part-11)


There was debet compition in college topic was about electronic media its impact on youth
Mukhti navya were in negative side cabir in positive side
Both teams are fighting with their points cabir and navya just fighting like dogs. A moment came where cabir couldn’t reply them navya and mukhti won the game

Cabir,Aliya,druv and manik are on steps
“Guys I decided I will love her ” cabir just declared
“What?” All three shouted
“Look guys till today so many teacher, even our lecturers can’t argue with me in any point but she defeated so it’s decided I will love her”
“Love happens pagal decide what is that?” Aliya hit him on head
” no ! I decided” cabir answered stubbornly

“Daffar! Then it’s not love”
Cabir bit confused”see! Again defeated in argument when it came to her topic so… I love her” he then went to her all three followed navya mukhti and nandini are celebrating their victory
“Navya! I decided I love you”
Listening to that all became silent and laughed
“Look till now nobody defeated in any argument you did”
“Your different from all these stupid girls who always make up and go for fashion I too”
“You talk what comes in mind I too”
“You are pagal iam also”
“You use galiya in anger I too”
“So look we become best couple”
“No! No! I I don’t like boys”

“Y are you lesbi”
“No! Iam straight”
“But this love it’s stupid as I don’t listen to anyone till now I didn’t even listen to my dad which all this stupid girls do in love”
“Going to back of any room or corners I hate it”
Both manik and nandini looked eachother
“I agree”
“And this stupid date and living together i don’t”
“All agreed” navya asked in surprise
“I too hate them”
“Ok then I accept” navya replied
All shocked cabir rocked he is dancing
“So u are my girlfriend”

Nandini and manik are totally lost is this love then ours????

Manik went home all night he was just thinking is it love or sometime if so y didn’t I realize as fast as cabir did? Now what I had to do?

Next day in college nandini and manik exchanged looks and smile but both are sad

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. hey dear…..
    thanks fr updating…..
    d confession prt was damn funny….lol……
    it was superrrrb…….
    thanks again….

  2. Isse kehta hein stupid love ha ha ha

  3. Plz update 1 more episodes of ur both ff if possible. I like maniks character in both of ur ff where u show totally different personality of manik at different ff. In rivals he is sensitive,romantic,understanding. But in this ff he is short tempered n monster manik. But truely speaking i like monster manik much as it is close kky s manik.i m waiting 4 next part of ur both ff.

  4. Wowwww, wowwww, wowwww cabir n navya back to back rapid fire …omg…just loved it n manan thinking about themselves. ..awwww…so cute. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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