manik malhotra_its my love story (part-1)

Manik are you ok? asked nyionika
“yes mom! y r u so scared???”
“I thought in college becoz of those seniors you r upset”
“no mom! thats just an intro to college life i love them they are memories we collect why did you punish them??”
“i cant see my son doing such thing”
“mom!! chill!! “”comeon lets have dinner”

all the weak we where enjoying our classes nd games we five are rocking
next day morning in audi there was a meeting for all students we went the meeting was about our schedule for freshers party things were going on after meeting while going to class i saw the same girl schoked i thought its my illussion nd went to my class sir came along with him the same girl came he introduced her to
guys she is nandini murthy new admission
nandini u sit besides navya i think she is your friend
yes sir thank you she sat besides navya
manik was starring at her nandini she is in my class o no! iam killed! whenever i see her i feel same to kiss her nd she is in my class i cant
whole class i was just thinking about her how to avoid her in that way iam just thinking about her
y i dont know i didnt even share my feeling with fab 5
in one weak i was just starring at her rather than listening to class
on that it was raining heavly all r running home i went parking to take my bike nandini was playing in rain nd dancing in her own world i looked around noboby are there ne she is not in a mood to see me i just went near her she was dancing i hold her hand nd dragged her near me she slipped and fel on me the white top she is wearing showing her inner beauty totally which is on my chest she is breathing heavely i was just feeling her looking into her eyes i made her hair tuck back her ears
cleaned water flowing from face i was in a strong feeling to kiss her my hand was on her back which i held more tight so that she came more near to my face i was about to kiss her she called me “manik”
i just got into my conscious nd left her she again slipped i hold her again tight she was shiverring with cold i said with low voice ” you look beautiful in drenched clothes how will u go home???” i think u need to wear something” for that she folded her hands on chest nd stood far from me
i felt bad then took out my blazer which is on my t-shirt and gave her with out seeing her she took it ran to parking and wear it nd ran away on her bike

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  1. Wowww awesome manan love story

  2. Amazing start dr……
    Plz keep going…..

  3. beautifuuuuuul.

  4. Awesome episode, wowwww manan in same class…how he gonna control himself now..the rain scene was really awesome. ..loved it very very much. ….

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