Manik Malhotra _its my love story (part-9)


Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik and nandini came out of water. Manik gave nandini his shirt nandini took it wear it
Manik felt guilty”why don’t I control my emotions? When I love her I should maintain her own dignity and space her father said that he trust me, she is trusting me then why iam not standing to their expectations?”
“Manik can you play some music?” Nandini just watching the nature humming
“Yes look how beautiful is this view, it’s like perfect place to play music and you play guitar very well I love to listen it”

“Ok!” Manik opened his guitar
Just started tune nandini started to sing “hasi bangayi”(humari adhuri kahani)
Manik started to play for that song and both joined to sing

Lovely nature, melody, nandini with him and his guitar beats along with his song Manik is in 9cloud he forgot his guilt and enjoying them totally.

“Manik! Shall I say you something?”
“Why do you feel guilty whenever we have …… I mean ….. ”
“I understood! This is why see we can’t even openly talk about it iam doing it without thinking twice”
“No not like that it’s just a girly shy not that it’s akward to speak and most important if I don’t like it I will not..,., “she closed eyes and said “enjoy it”
Manik looked at her surprisingly “she is convincing me or making me comfortable but it’s amazing” he thought
Nandini turned back as Manik is silent Manik went near her and took both her arms and went near her “when I have everything with me why should I just hurry.”

“You try to figure it out” Manik kissed her neck and left her
Nandini turned to him
Manik is smiling
“You know Manik your smile is beautiful it’s mesmerizing”
“Really?” “Not so you smile with sparkles in your eyes which made me go crazy”
“So as in cartoons I have stars in my eyes”
Both laughed
After nandini’s dress is dry they started to shooting spot from there they went for lunch and evening Manik took nandini to prachute diving. Till its dawn they where roaming at sunset they went to highest point and sit there with some snacks and watching the sunset

“Nandini this trip is most memorable one of my life everything is picture perfect”
“I too feel same.” Both silently watching the sky
Manik heart and mind is calm as a silent valley he is enjoying each and every bit of it with core. “Life is so beautiful for me I know iam blessed one my parents, friends, nandini, music. I love all of them at a time. Iam overwelled with happiness I thank hid for this.”
“Tommorow again college we will be busy again”
“Yes but it’s fun”
” I too enjoy studies”
“Say something Nandini”

“About yourself ”
“Iam Nandini murthy only daughter of mr and Mrs murthy age 18 studying in space”
“Nandu! I asked about something which I don’t know and need to know”
“Ok! Iam like open book Manik my life is smooth my parents are protective it’s not that they don’t give me space as father is a bank manager we have perfect time with dad my parents are like my friends and navya is my bestie from childhood same as you fab5. Except that Trilok sir incident I don’t have any such but now I don’t take it as a black mark but as if it showed me a right person to me in life. Things are easy for me all my life till now”
“Same as mine.ok what you want to do in future your ambition?”
“I want to become a docter”
“Then why are you in space?”

“I tried but rank was not upto mark this year I will try again”
“So next year you will be in medical college”
“Yes sure” ” but in space science wing”
“Why in space?”
“It’s best college in Mumbai even in medicine. What about you?”
“I want to do mba ya why mbipc if it’s only biological sciences it will be best”
“Yes I know but I just want to learn physics and maths for my knowledge”
“Shall we go to dam it’s beautiful with lights now?”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  3. Very nicely potrayed by u sunitha. N i m agree with manik. When there is true love, one shouldnt just rush bt still i just love to see them together

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