Manik Malhotra _its my love story (part-8)

Manik tried all most all shirts and got totally confused he called his for suggestions nyionika smiled and asked for being so special today
Manik said I want to look best that’s it nyionika suggested to wear black shirt he did took his bike and reached college nandini’s bike is been parked “so she came” he is dancing in mind went to class
Manik looked for nandini she is sitting besides navya he shouted “hey!guys!” So that nandini will notice him same happened at the same time fab4joinnef him
“Looking so handsome manik! Even happy what so special”
Nothing guys thinking from now on manik malhotra is back
“Exactly what was wrong since few days to you? Why were you behaving so weirded?”
Chodd yaar! Let’s enjoy today
All went to games boxing match was going on all are enjoying manik looked at watch its 10 More one hour he felt upset but having no choice waiting for time
He was becoming impatient he looked for nandini she is with navya

“Manik did you think about nandini” mukhti asked manik got panic
“What ??? Why ???? ”
“Yaar I feel like she will be best female lead of our band what do you say?”
“What everyone suggests”manik replied with great relief
“So guys! What do you say ?”she asked everyone
All are appreciating nandini and her skills and art of sing manik was feeling so proud as they are doing for him no more than that
He badly want to see her looked at watch its just 10mims left so he silently sneeked from there and reached music room back
Nandini is already waiting for him he smiled and went near her
“Look manik! Iam not going to come like this again so it’s last time and say what you want to talk?” She shooted all at a time
Manik kept a serious face and asked “you said you won’t come then”
“That is what iam exactly saying iam not going to come”
“Oooo! To say that you won’t come you came here”

Aaaaa she said
“But you came na????” He mum meted in her ears that made nandini lost her heart beat she shivered little
Manik smiles nandini lost in his smile
“So now you are in confusion” he kept the hair which is flying on her face back of her ear “I got full clarity”
Nandini is still she want to run away if she gets chance but he is not in mood to leave
“Nandini frist iam really sorry from bottom of my heart I was totally mad and rude on that day to you”
She just exclaimed “why should I? On that you said you hate me”
“It is not exact which it sounds I was in angry”
” since from the day I saw you in beach iam acting weird all my friends called me fool the day before I shouted. So I was angry”
“Did I actually did any thing?”
“Yes! A lot”
“I expressed everything in anger I think so”
“Which I exactly didn’t do”she stressed
“But everything was because of you”

“I don’t accept”
“Your wish I do blame you for that”
“Y should I blamed”
“Ok!ok! Chill” it’s no more war zone anymore
Nandini kept silent
“It’s for you”manik gave her dairy milk chacolate she rejected
He got angry and thrower it away nandini surprised “what was that”
“You said you don’t want so no use”
Nandini astonished”seriously are you only for me like this or you are actually like this?”
“Iam like this whether you like it or not”
Nandini laughed at the way he said
“Ok! Then I want the same Chacolate now” she kept a baby face
“That one! You said you don’t want”
“Now iam saying I want”
“Wait I will bring one more”
“No I want the that only it was your frist gift so I want it”
Manik looked annoyed but she was stubborned he went to search for in dustbin with a stick at last he got it he brought it she took it
“Look Nandini what was that when you want it then why did you say no”
“Girls are like this you should make me obey instead of throwing”

But iam like this
Ok! Manik I need rush navya may searching for me
Even my friends ok! Tomm again here
Bye! And please educate me in such cases again iam not going to do such crazy things again
May be you may do more crazy things in future than this

You will Manik bye she left
Manik smiled “so she knows my weak point great”
Manik joinned his gang he looked for nandini she was sharing her chocolate with navya he got angry

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