Manik Malhotra _its my love story (part-7)


College announced Freshers party
Manik was totally annoyed with his feelings he want to get rid of this stress he thought of sharing with cabir nd fab5 but felt not so important it might be just a small attraction why to mess up
Fab5 along with music they play basketball so in games section they started it. For Freshers party games, arts, and poetry is to be exhibited among them best one in all will be selected.
Classes are dismissed and competitions are going on
Nandini was participating in all navya and she registered their names Manik looked at curiously
Frist day was ramp walk both boys and girls did it seperately among girls Aliya and Nandini selected
In boys Abhinav and Manik selected
Next was poetry in Audi
Fab5 didn’t participate in this but Nandini did
Nandini wrote a poem about pain and value of tears which was totally heart touching but navya was best she won
Next was intresting music round
Frist bands they vocal
As always fab5 won
Vocal was going on
Cabir sang manja
Mukhti took Chauraliya with her guitar
Aliya sang teraliya
Manik took man mera
As its already time up college closed

Manik searched for Nandini couldn’t find her with a puppy face he went home along with fab5 they had party for winning as band nyionika throwed the party
Manik was totally disturbed sitting silent when everyone are enjoying cabir came to him and asked ” bro! What happened why did you sing that song when you have choices the other one?”
“I don’t know on stage I felt like sing this one”
“What? Just like that”
“Yes just like that please Pakama math iam totally disturbed already”
“I don’t know yaar iam totally pissed off”
“What’s cooking in your mind? Now a days you have become drama queen did you realise? You did angry always avoiding meeting us trying to be lonely upset for tiny things sing all alone while jamming and today you sang a different song why you need to tell me I think you are in serious problem”
“I too feel same iam in serious problem”
“What is the problem? Or who is the problem?”
“What? Why? How?” Asked in total confusion
“Look cabir I think of doing something but I do other think I want to avoid something but I avoid the things iam used to I get carried away by something which I want get rid totally” Manik explained very seriously
“Wait! Look I feel you are totally mad now what spoke make any scence what something other thing arey yaar you became totally mad plagal hochuka hai”
He shouted loudly topic turned other way all started laughing making fun out of him
Manik really felt that he became mad

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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