Manik Malhotra _its my love story (part-5)


Manik reached college not listening to nyionika
Fab5 entered class Manik searched for Nandini she smiled he got smile unnoticingly “she smiles like a sparkling star ”
Who? Asked druv
She? Answer still trans
Who Manik? This time shaked him
What whom? Asked in confusing
Who smiles like sparking star? Druv shouted with anger
I don’t know how I know who is smiling everyone looked at him in weired face
Manik! Now a days you are behaving so weired that iam planing to join you in Agra Mangal hospital they will pay me for this you know in very serious tone cabir said
Manik slapped him and said”shut up”
Mukhti and Aliya laughed Manik if it’s true let’s try yaar Aliya said
Stop guys comeon we will sit sir may be on the way ok

Whole day Manik did see Nandini fear of his friends but he was totally want to see her
Nandini stood in parking Manik and gang came to parking took their bikes and started one by one Manik took last place everyone went out of class he thought of talking to Nandini but dropped the idea he was about change gair Nandini came to him
“Are ok Manik you are looking so week nd tired why???”””
Manik was shocked he is just bum
Manik she called “shall I drop I suggest you not to drive” he nodded
Both started on nandinis bike she asked direction he said he is just in trans her hair which he love most are dancing on his face trying to his him her perfume is making him to go into trans when she suddenly pressed break he flipped on her and hold her waist for support which made both go to breathless Nandini in low voice “can you hold my shoulders please”
He said no it’s fine
She had no choice started bike both reached his house Manik ! Manik ! Nandini waked him up from trans “here is your house”
“O! Thank you please come in”
” no Manik! My mom may be waiting so please iam sorry”

She started her bike but stopped and said with a naughty smile”Manik never sit back of any girl other than me”
He said ok!
She smiled and went away
Manik turned towards house and walked a while and then understood what she said he ran back she was waiting for him whe she saw him she waved her hand bye with big smile and went
Manik stood there with his hands on waist smiling back

Manik really got sick he could get up from bed for twodays becoz of flu

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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