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Hi guys I m with a short story about the beast manik. Please do bear this nonsense. And this is my first attempt hope you like it.
It’s a good day where manik was wearing a black shirt and jeans and was looking dashing with a bunch of roses in his hands waiting for someone. And his eyes fell on a girl moving into a hotel with a guy.manik followed her but lost in the middle. After a long search he found her in a room coming out of it with the same guy. Before nandini could explain anything manik left the room with a broken heart and eyes full of tears..
With this frustration he left India and went to new York City. There he was indulge in all kinds of bad things like smoking, gambling, drinking and even slept with girls. Nandini longed for manik. And did modelling.
Leap 5 years
Manik came back to India and saw nandini I a very se*y attire.she was wearing a backless top which was constantly being eyed by manik in a evil way.he went to her back and touched her bare back. Nandini turned around and saw manik and she was very happy. Before she could react manik left her and came to the stage and announced manan marriage. That the next day. Nandini was very happy and excited. But manik smirk and thinks he would take revenge.
Bachelor party
Manik drunk too much and was in a mood for make out. He saw a girl in pub and took her to a room and started being intimate with her just then mobile rings and the warning was given by his mom as she knew manik.the beast he let her go and went to his room and saw nandini sitting there. Manik closed the door and moved towards nandini and kissed her lips passionately. Though in sleep nandini was also gives in. But soon woke up and saw manik kissing her lips and his hands started to rub and squeeze all her body parts so nandini pushed him and said wat is wrong with you. But manik was drunk too much so he dozed off..then they got married and it was there first night.
Manik. Was inside the decorated room and nandini entered the room like a snake. She was wearing a pink saree. Exposing her waist. Manik saw her entering and he went and closed the door and pulled nandini roughly towards him like a hungry beast longing for a lady.he put her on the bed. Nandini was shocked at this behavior. He removed the saree within seconds and started kissing her bare back, neck shoulder. He smashed his.lips against her lips and he was touching all her body parts. Nandini felt awkward and uncomfortable. Nandini told manik give me some time for this pls. Manik said did I ask ur permission I m in mood of make out since yesterday that u got missed as I dozed off
Nandini -wat I don’t want it today.
Manik-just shut up and I need a girl everyday. Now you r my permanent roommate so better do as I like.
Nandini felt disgusted and said u a devil a beast get out now
Manik -ooooooooo u got to know now only. Yes I am beast. And u r married to me so u gotta serve this daily basis. And he removed all her clothes forcefully and did a make out with her.
Nandini crying and went to washroom with a difficulty and looked her body full of bites and scratches. And bath came out and manik laying on the bed with his bare body.he too woke up and saw her and approached her. Nandini was shivering but wasn’t even caring for it and dragged her onto to the bed and gave a forceful kiss bite on her neck and went to the washroom.
Manan are in hall.
Nandini with tears and asked y manik y u did this to me. I m ur wife not any doll.
Manik-see u r a whore and how can you deny ur hubby

Nandini -I m not a whore that our dress got went so changed in a room due to lack of room. If u don’t have trust on ur own love I can’t help it and u r the first person to even touch me. Ya if u want me to be a whore to you for the whole life I ready for it but I will a living dead body to u. Ya think u r making out with a lady who is nearly equal to dead body.
Manik felt guilty and was about to hug her when she spoke ya even want a divorce papers I will agree it I love you. I love you still. With tears she continues ya u wanna make out some one else I won’t stop nor I stop u for me too.
Maniks heart broken into several pieces and he hugged nandini and said nandu I m really sorry for making you suffer nut now I promise you that I wish be ur old manik.
Both lived happily

Credit to: Shristi

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