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Hey friends how are u all….This is not written by me. This is original work of DIA…..
She had posted this in comments but I posted it as a separate article so that everybody can read it….
From now these lines r written by Dia. So let’s begin….

Hyyy….taking inspiration from sumi I’m also writing os…..

So the first one is


While going through the dandak van for meeting Shanta, Siyaram an Shrusha who have stopped for rest are waiting for Bharavi and Lakshmila who are left behind. The discuss that they have to make food themselves. ( Sumantra told them that he will arrange but Sita and Shrutkirti told that they will manage)

Shatrughan: Parantu Bhabhi, aap log van mein bhojan kaise pakaemgi?(but Bhabhi, how will you manage to cook food in forest?)
Sita: Shatrughan, hum charo behne milkar parvat ko bhi hila sakte h toh van mein bhojan bahut aasan hai. (Shatrughan, together we four sisters can move a mountain, then making food in forest is very easy)
Shrutkirti (smiling): Satya keh rahi hai didi aap.(its true didi)

While they were talking, bharat and lakshman came and they were very much scared.
Bharat: Sita bhabhi, Shrutkirti, kripaya aap log shighra hamare saath chalein (Sita bhabhi, Shrutkirti, please come with us fast)
Ram: Kya hua Bharat itne bhaybheet kyu ho? (what happened Bharat why are you so scared?)
Lakshman: Mandavi Bhabhi aivam Urmila…..(Mandavi Bhabhi and Urmila…..)
Sita and Shrutkirti: Kya hua unhe?(what happened to them?)
Bharat: Aap chaliye toh hamare saath(you come with us)


Credit to: Nita

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    haha…….. nita di really gud job…………

  2. nice waiting to see what happens next?

  3. Thanq so much Nita….thnqq….u likd it so much…..

  4. Sorry Dia hope u don’t mind….actually many people don’t read comments or there are changes of unknowingly skipping it….also it is easier to find a separate article so I thought to do this… this work by my sis should be read by all….

  5. Craze about skr


  6. Nice write in it eng pls

  7. Super awesome will u cont it

  8. Please don’t cook up stories in this serial also..

    1. Please respect our epic and leave it.


      No di……… we have equal respect to it….. but its just our feelings about how wonderful life would have been…………. without rama’s exile, sita’s abduction n her exile………….

      no offence………….

  9. Waiting for next one…

  10. Sorry Sumi I thought of posting yours as well but I could not find it…..I guess u all will agree that finding one comment here is like finding a needle in a haystack…. Secondly there is no way I can copy your comments…. I have to again type them….and typing something by your own is easy but exactly copying every word n every punctuation of someone else is very difficult. So guys u can yourself post you SS n FF… Or if u can mail it to me I’ll post on your behalf if u agree…

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