Manaya,Mehbeer,Ardhika,Twinj,Virenika,Swasan,Abhigya,Shivya,Karvi,Ishveer.Episode 3.


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Sanskar goes to Amaya and says Amaya!!!!
S-Amaya tum thik ho.(Amaya r u ok).
A-Sanskar….Sanskar….Yes I am ok.
S-Thank God.
A-Sanskar,Mantu is ok or he can’t breathe.
S-Yes he is fine he is resting as he didn’t know how to swim.
Amaya is surprised.
S-Anything is happening here and coughs to tease her.
A-No but I think u r crossing ur limits,I wl call Swara just one min.
S-No no pls not her she wl kill me.
Swasan r best friends and Sanskar takes their friendship very seriously but when Swara is not around he jokes about her but cares a lot for her.
Only he can make fun of her no one else,if someone does he gets angry.
Amaya calls Swara and tells her everything and says Sanskar is here and my battery is going down inform Rachi di and Jazz pls.Swara tells her to Tc and trouble Sanskar.Amaya smiles and says a lot.They says bye and cut the phone.Sanskar is standing behind and says Amaya u wl trouble me,she says a lot I promised Swara.Swara and Amaya r college friends just as Mantu and Sanskar consider themselves as bros,Amaya and Swara consider each other as sisters.

Mantu calls Sanskar and says:
M-How is Amaya.
S-Very bad she can’t stand.
M-gets worried and stands and says what happened to her.
S-Chill bro nothing happened to her.
Mantu feels relieved.Sanskar says worried about her and smirks(funnily)Mantu says bcoz of me she jumped I gave her that stupid idea.
Sanskar-what Mantu I can’t believe this.
Mantu-u know I was teasing her she seriously jumped.
Sanskar-I wl tell Swara she wl make u chapati and eat u also.
They laugh and Mantu says go check her.Sanskar wait Mantu Bhaiya chill karo.
M-Kardi na woh wali baat.
S-u and ur dialogue,becum dialogue writer.
Mantu and Sanskar laugh and Sanskar comes to Amaya and asks her how is she.
A-How is Mantu is he ok he needs anything,I wl make food if any medicine needs to be taken.
S-This is strange yaar,if I go there Mantu wl ask about u,and here u ask about him.Both of u’ll r strange not strange very strange.
A-No I was just asking like that.Dont think any other way.
They reach Banaras and r taken to the doctor.He prescribes medicines and Sanskar gets them.On his way he sees some guys misbehaving with some girl,he gets of his bike and takes off his helmet and walks towards there and to his shock the girl was his best friend Swara.
Sanskar says Swara.He beats the men left and right and says u touched her and beats them more and more till they bled and got brutally beaten.
Swara is crying and he says Swara,he leaves the men and goes to Swara he cups her face and says Swara,he hugs her and she hugs him back tightly.Manchala plays.

Sanskar-u r so strong couldn’t u give them one punch back.
Swara-How wl I give.
Sanskar-With ur hands.
Swara-U find any time to joke.
Sanskar-Arey u hit me and break my hands and legs.
Swara-And now I wl fracture it.
Sanskar holds her and says don’t control ur laughter I know that u want to laugh so badly and tickles her,she smiles and hugs him and says only u can do this Sanskar.U r truly my Best Friend.
Sanskar takes her on his bike and drops her home.Shekher comes and says what happened why r u crying Swara,Sanskar tells him everything and Shekher hugs him and thanks him for taking care of Swara.He takes his blessing and says it’s his duty.Shekher smiles.
Amaya comes home and Rachita and Jazz hold her and take her to her room they take good care of her and check her temperature and find out that she has high viral fever and gives her medicines and Sanskar comes and says Amaya how r u.Rachita and Jazz say she got high fever.
Sanskar says what.They say good I checked her temperature.Sanskar say u’ll checked her temperature and Swara wl rise my temperature.Funny Tune plays.
Sanskar tells Rachita and Jazz about the incident of Swara and Amaya says what!They look at her in shock that she heard and says Amaya it’s ok I reached on time and hit those goons and shows his injuries and says I m SS.Super Sanskar.He shows his muscles and they laugh.He leaves and Swara is standing at the door,he runs and hides behind Amaya’s bed and says Swara wl kill me today.Swara says SS come out I thought u were Super Sanskar not Stupid Sanskar.Sanskar says Hi Swara how r u and know u r fine but u wl make me not fine.Swara sees his injuries and goes to him and makes him sit and he murmurs that he is dead today.She sees his injuries and brings the first aid box and AIDS him.Manchala plays.

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