Manaya,Mehbeer,Ardhika,Twinj,Virenika,Swasan,Abhigya,Shivya,Karvi,and Ishveer.(Episode 4)


Hii guys thanks for commenting and yes I wl clear ur confusions….the introduction,first episode is in Tere Sheher Mein and yes I changed my title name after the 2nd episode so pls check Tere Sheher Mein and this is a FF for all the couples mentioned in my title.
Manaya,Mehbeer,Ardhika,Twinj,Swasan,Abhigya,Shivya,Ishveer,and Karvi.This is episode 4.
Swara scolds Sanskar and tells him to take care.He says I know u r there so I don’t have to worry.They smile.Machala plays.
Swara comes to Amaya and says u can’t stay without doing any problems right.U r a child who wl never grow up.Amaya says but I have grown up.
Mantu’s house.
Uma comes and says Mantu r u ok.
Uma-What did u do.
Mantu-I saved a girl she was drowning so I jumped and saved her.
Uma-Why u did that u can’t save me and u can’t swim also but for that girl u jumped without thinking.
Mantu-I did what I thought is right.Dont teach me.
Uma-Why r u talking to me like this.
Mantu-Bcoz u don’t understand the incident and tells that he simply told her to do it and she jumped.
Uma in her mind says that Mantu is falling for her and I won’t let that happen I Love him she can’t and he can’t too.
Mantu snaps and says I’m hungry cook something.
Mantu-Good nite Uma.

Mantu said that bcoz he didn’t want the kada.
Uma-I wl make it and wake u up from ur sleep to drink it don’t worry.
Mantu-starts snoring.
Uma brings the kada and Mantu gets the smell and pretends to sleep and turns to show that he is sleeping,he brings an ice pack and keeps it on his neck and he gets up in a shock and says Uma two electric shock first kada and now ice pack.
Uma-drink this and don’t becum nautanki King.
Mantu-I can’t I got hurt in my arm.
Uma-Simple I wl make u drink it.
Mantu says in his mind arey I don’t want to drink,I thought I said I got hurt on my hand and u would keep it back.
He gives him and holds his nose and drinks it.She says I wl bring one more bcoz u said ur hand is paining and Mantu taps his head saying this Uma became puma.Uma comes and gives Mantu the kada but he acts like he is taking it and drops it on the floor.He smirks funnily.
Sanskar call someone and asks the person when wl they come.The person says I m coming tommorow with my best friends.Sanskar says take care and bye.Amaya’s temperature has come down and Rachita,Swara and Jazz sleep with her and take good care of her.Mantu is perfectly fine and Sanskar stays with him since it was late.
In the morning,Manan(Mantu and Sanskar)r sleeping and someone says Wake up,how much u want to sleep me and my friends came Aarti Nani uttari hoon gi.(U won’t do Aarti for us).
Manan wake up and run and hug that person it is no other than Laksh.Sanskar says u did so much fitness and became strong arey when I was small u were so chubby and now how will I survive with u,Mantu and Swara.You’ll will make me a thin TV.All of them laugh.Laksh tell some people why r u’ll standing come in.So a boy comes with his guitar and starts singing Saiyara from Ek Tha Tiger.

It’s is no other than Abhi the rock star.Mantu says Abhi the rock star and hugs him and takes his auto graph.Sanskar says Abhi.He hugs him and says:
Sanskar-dude from so long I never seen u.
Abhi-Coz I’m Abhi the rock star.I have to attend many concerts.
Sanskar-For the first time a rock star is praising himself.
Abhi-Yes bcoz I am a unique piece of a rock and a star.
Sanskar and Abhi laugh.Another person comes with an electric guitar and says Abhi the rock star is there but what about Abeer the rock star.Mantu and Sanskar says Abeer!They run and hug him and say Abeer yaar how can we forget u.Abeer says ok..ok u’ll remember me and gives his auto graph and says though u’ll r my friends keep it.All of them smile.Hawwwwwww u’ll guys forgot me and a person is shown wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the person is Survi and she says Survi in College Survi,Survi but when college gets a break forgot Survi.Manan hug her too.Manan says what a surprise Survi.She says that a surprise has to be a surprise.
Laksh-Sanskar’s brother.
Abhi-Sanskar and Mantu’s best friend.
Abeer-Laksh,Sanskar and Mantu’s friend from college.
Survi-Laksh,Abeer,Abhi and Manan’s best friend.

Precap-more entries comin up.

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Credit to: SMC

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