Manaya,Ardhika,Swasan,Twinj,Abhigya,Shivya,Virenika,Karvi,Mehbeer,Ishveer,Raglak.Episode 5


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Someone calls Amaya and and says u forgot me.
A-How can I forget u.
Person-I got good news I am coming to India and wl come and stay with u.
A-What!u r coming to India when,how and time.
P-Chill…Amu…I wl come jaunt keep Aarti ready(joking way).
A-Ya sure.
Amaya tells Rachita,Jazz and Swara about the person.They all smile and say they can’t wait for tommorow.The nxt day Amaya,Rachita,Jazz and Swara r waiting for the person to arrive,they hear the car horsing and rush to the car,The girl gets down and Amaya hugs her tightly.
G-How much wl u hug me.
A-How much I can.
The girl is shown smiling with shades,she removes them and it’s no other than Meher.Swara,Rachita and Jazz go and hug her too.They all bring Meher and talk to her a lot.Meher says wl u’ll keep talking I am very hungry.They all laugh and bring food and eat with her.Meher is Amaya,Jazz,Rachita and Swara’s childhood best friend,they all consider each other as Sisters.Meher calls someone and says come fast.Teh person sneaks and sits behind a chair.Rachita sits and that person says boo she gets scared anthem r shocked to see that person it is Karthik…Rachita Says Karthik bro and hugs him Amaya,Jazz,Swara and Meher join them and hug him.He says I know I am very handsome but all the girls can’t hug me.He smiles.They say u haven’t changed Karthik the Flirt.Karthik says I know that.They smile and tease him saying when his Princess wl come.He says I dont know and blushes.(He doesn’t know Survi at all).
Sanskar says Laksh we wl surprise Mantu since it is his bday tommorow.The nxt Mantu wakes up and Sanskar,Laksh,Abeer and Abhi burst the balloons and our rock stars Abhi and Abeer sing Happy Birthday with the guitar.He says what a surprise totally unexpected….I’m so glad u’ll remember this u’ll r the best…..Some voices come from back and says u only remember them not us.It is shown that Shivam,Ishani,and Viren r standing with their gifts for him,he says Shivam,Ishani,Viren what a surprise and hugs them.They says they came for his birthday and college is starting too.Mantu says what u’ll r coming with us,they say surprise.Mantu says so party toh banta hai.They all so Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!
Mantu tells Sanksar to call Swara,Rachita,Amaya,Meher,and Jazz for his party too.Sanskar says yeah sure.Abeer says who is Meher.Sanskar some best friend of theirs.Abeer say oh ok.Abeer thinks and says I heard her name somewhere.Abeer and Meher know each other I wl tell how later.When they face each other.The girls r excited when Sanskar tell them about the party and says Abhi toh party shru hu hi hai.The girls tell Karthik to come and flirt with girls.He smiles and goes to change.

Precap-Meeting of Karvi,Mehbeer.Soem men come and tease Amaya and Rachita.Rama and Mantu beat them.Manaya and Rara moments.Abeer starts singing and the mic gets disconnected.Everyone laugh at him.Meher shouts and says Be quiet.Abeer smiles and thinks so cute and innocent she is.

Credit to: SMC

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  3. good one…. but where are twinj

    1. Guys all Twinj fans:
      Twinj wl enter in the nxt episode along with Ishveer so don’t worry they r in the FF…
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    I have not read 4 episode of this epi…..anybody please tell me if ishveer intro is given in those epis

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    2. Ishveer intro wl be shown in the nxt episode…..?
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    3. Sana Ishveer wl be shown in the nxt episode…??❤️❤️❤️❤️

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