Manaya (Love can happen anywhere and anytime and with anyone) Episode 1


Hii guys I’m back….???????

Amaya sees a watch on the floor and says this this is that Mantu’s.She picks it and thinks that when she meets him again she wl return it and keeps it in her bag.She sees Mantu leaving and follows him running.He stops at the boat and blows the shank.She says where this Chipku went I went running for him and he is just chilling there without seeing his watch.What kind of man is he and makes a weird face.She asks many people if they have seen the lion of the country and the people ask her who is the lion of the country.She says that Chipku Mantu.The people say Mantu Bhaiya.They tell her that he is very good and he is our Mantu Bhaiya u understood.He is there pointing at the boat side,she thanks them and leaves.She says Chipku wait! He turns as he hears someone screaming he stops the boat and can’t see Amaya bcoz of the Suns Ray’s.She climbs up and he makes the boat move.He says I’m sorry madam and then sees Amaya and says Tum!!!!She says Haan maiiiiiiiiiiii….
A-U r lil mad bcoz I was looking for u from so long and here u r chillin.
M-Excuse me first thing I m not mad hope that goes in ur mind and hopefully if goes too,second thing why r u looking for me.
A-I have no interest in u ok,and FYI check ur hand and u wl find out Mantu still doesn’t understand.
M-From where did u come from space aliens r ur best friends o what.
A-What’s the time.

Mantu realises his watch is missing and panics.She stops him and gives his watch.Mantu hugs her tightly and cries.Dheere Dheere plays.

She breaks the hug and says u mad or what.He says I’m sorry and thank u so much and she says wait the Chipku is apologising to me video toh banta hai.He says sorry again and says this is my dad’s last memory and u brought it to me thanks so much.She says stop the boat and he says I can’t stop the boat.She starts jumping and says stop the boat or I wl break it tommorow.He says one way u jump into the river.She says I don’t want to commit suicide.He says I never told u too commit.Someone talks to Mantu.Amaya jumps into the river,Mantu turns and says where that Madam went and sees everyone gathering around the edge of the boat,he approaches and sees Amaya is drowning and jumps in to save her.He brings her to the boat and makes her drink water and rubs her hands and covers her with a blanket.A man comes and says Mantu R u ok.The man comes and hugs Mantu and says u r ok right.Mantu says yes and tells him Bhai it’s ok.The mans face is shown it is Sanskaar from Swaragini Mantu and Sanskaar r best friends and they consider each other as brothers.

Precap-More entries.

Credit to: SMC

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  1. Nice one.. My most favrte pairs ever in Indian telly drama.. Manyaa and Swasan?

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  2. But where is the intro? I tried searching for it. But not there.

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  3. Loved it

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