manan:made for each other.(OS)

Hello everyone I am Ananya and I am writting an OS on kyy . It starts from the time when manan hated each other , manik had made Nandini his spot and so on. Its sort of a continuation or whatever you call it. It is continueing from manik getting to know that Rishabh also has a similar problem like that of dhruv..
***********************************Manik comes to nandinis house and confronts her for not coming on work.
Nandini : why have you come here? Manik please go away. I don’t want any scene in my house.
Manik argues and picks her up. Nandini screams and struggles to free herself. Suddenly a loud crashing sound is heard. Nandini pushes manik and rushes upwards to rishabh’s room. Manik follows her. Rishabh has an attack and starts throwing the things. Nandini calms him . Manik feels bad and goes down. Nandini comes and asks him to go. He agrees when the bell rings. Nandini opens the door. A man wearing a black shirt and formal trousers. Nandini gets shocked seeing him. Screen freezes.

PRECAP: Harshad holds nandinis hand and hurts her .. Manik stops him.

***********************************Thanks for reading and please tell me how it is . I’ll finish it up soon. I know its too short but ill make it lengthy if you want. Thanks. Oh, and I forgot to mention all the characters are same .?

Credit to: Ananya


  1. Ashi

    Nice….Is it an os or an ff… introduced it as os…..but does not seems like……but it’s the same ….so will you please keep it lengthy and adding new tracks…..
    Make it lengthy next time yaar

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.