Manan~a story from heart (part 4)


“Navya, sh… Be quiet otherwise uncle, aunty and amms might wake up! And if they see us like this you know we will be hanged!” shrieks Nandini.

“Guys I forgot my purse in the disc. Now we have to get that! Now we have to get that.” whispered soha in their ears..

“No way! We cant go there again. Our farewell party is over. Today is our last day in Mangalore. U want to spend it peacefully.” tells Navya.

All the three girls climb via the heavy mooring rope fixed by Nandini. “I love this adventure!” exclaimed Nandini.

“One day your adventure will kill us.!” replied Soha as she climbs up the rope which was particularly difficult for her due to her heavy lower body. All three manage somehow to reach their milestone window and hop on the bed with their heads clustering and legs fluttering in the air.

Manik had just bathed and came out of the washroom wrapped in a white towel. He looks at the mirror. As he wears on his clothes Bermuda pants and striped shirt he gets a call.
The caller none other than his friend Dhruv who was a big flirt. “Manik the girls in London are superhot. I might not return in two weeks. Please manage somehow and persuade everyone! Especially Mukti.. Please do it. My yaar. Do it this time.”

Manik says “You enjoy there. And we will enjoy here. First day in SPACE would be so peaceful without you my Mongoose.”

Dhruv : Stop calling me mongoose. You are a monster!

Manik called Dhruv a mongoose since childhood as he thought his face resembled one.
He messages on his group
‘Dhruv to land in SPACE only after two weeks.’
Mukti ‘Man first day in SPACE! Without him…’
Cabir ‘This Dhruv is gonna face many pranks of mine. Just waiting for his return.’
Aliya ‘No Cabir! It will be us doing pranks together’
Manik ‘Okay guys! Now sleep you all. Otherwise you will wake up late or sleep all day.’
The same night around 3 a.m.

All wake up with a heavy heart. After all the three princesses were leaving their throne.
Chacha : I will miss you three a lot. All your made up stories. All your naughtiness. Pranks everything.

Chachi : You are speaking as if they are leaving this earth and heading to any other planet. Our strong girls are only going to SPACE in Mumbai.

Amms : Nandu my daughter! Don’t ever forget your values. Don’t change with the different air in Mumbai. Heard a lot about the youngsters there. Never change yourself.

Nandini : I promise I will never.

Chachi : Navya you have to take care of both Soha as well as Nandini.

Navya : You don’t have to worry. I will tale care of both!

All the three head to airport. Nandini leaves teary eyed. She turns back and sees her family. Soha and Navya were excited about their new journey.
They reach the airport and board to the flight to Mumbai.

Precap : Fab five vs the three titans. Will Manan fight ?

I hope you like this first episode. Excited about your reactions. Had a great day at school all thanks to my friends and bio teacher!
Silent readers if any do comment once so that I come to know how many people of any are intrigued by this story…
And I just thought to let you know it is always Harshad for me who will be negative. So here too it will be him.
Any objections?!

Credit to: Siyali

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  1. Waiting for the next update,,.

    1. Oh thank you dear.

  2. The story is really nice…………
    Pls do continue….. Waiting for your next update…..
    Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Sure! Love u too. I ll update asap

  3. Superbb…..the story is very nice please do continue..

    1. Sure dear ✌

  4. Manan fight awesome

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    Its really amazing dr….
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  7. It’s superb

  8. Superbb girl…!! U did a vry nice job πŸ™‚
    dhruv’s cute!! Fab 4 planning pranks for him hehe..
    3 titans r nyc πŸ™‚ Fab 5 the best humesha πŸ˜€
    Waiting fr d gals’ entry in space..
    Ahaaahhhh… Bio haan…. πŸ˜‰
    cn i ask u somethin…? Actually i wanna kno whr r u frm?!
    Keep goin higher n higher πŸ™‚

  9. Awesome episode Siyali dearrrr, it’s superb to read this story…loved it..nandini n friends convo their funn…was cool…fab5 convo was very good. ..Now nandini n group in space…will be funnn…precap is very interesting. ..but one question, why the title says part4 but it’s just first episode. ..TU error? Maybe. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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