Manan~a story from heart (part 3)


This is just a story. Maybe a stupid one. I m damn sure it may not be liked by many. I m a big manan fan. So whenever I think a story its always somewhere down related with Manan. Many ff’s have changed the composition of fan five which I personally like but honestly I think Fab five will always be fab five! So here I bring a fresh story of Friendship and Love.(only)

Manik : The gang leader. A handsome hunk which makes all girls stand on toes. Girls die for him everyday just to get his attention and he doesn’t like it. He loves only his friends! The Fab Five.

Nandini : New entrant. A scholar yet cute. Not so popular among people. She has two best friends Soha and Navya.

Mukti : She is a lovely girl. Always wants thrill and masti. She loves Fab five and can give up her life for them. Such a strong bond of friendship is between them.

Dhruv : He is not at all shy guy and is very blunt. He is liked by all the members and is always upto some pranks and is always saved by his friend cum brother Manik.

Aliya : She secretly likes Dhruv but never let him know. She apart from being the pianist is also an aspirant fashion designer. Always with her designer clothes she decides everything from clothed to accessories for the band.

Cabir : The biggest prankster here. Mr Funny bones. He is always behind girls and will not even leave a teacher.

Navya : Madhubala super dramatic yet cute. She wears indo western dresses. Very well mannered and she always helps out Nandini when it comes to late night parties and midnight movies due to her ultra sanskari image.

Soha : She is hot girl here in her group. She loves her dear friends a lot. She can never stay away from her friends inspite of their contrasting characters.

Aryaman : Childhood friend of Soha direct entry from USA.

Abhimanyu : He is an ever smiling lovable person with cheeks so cute that no girl can resist pulling out his cheeks. He can make even the most stubborn girl smile with his ever smiling and youthful jokes.

Most probably the pairing will be…
My fav Manan…
My darling Mukbhi for sure!
Cavya my cutie pie.
Dhrulya the shining couple.
Soman (A little doubtful will depend on your choice)

The story will start from SPACE of course. But maybe portrayal characters can be different form the story. A big sorry to the kyy ardent fans if I disappoint them. Will only be continued if you wish so!
By the way. I m Siyali and I study in class 10. Of course I am a big kyy fan and watch it on you tube again if possible because of the hectic schedule. I like writing so I always take out half and hour from my time. So I want you guys to take out at least two minutes to comment on this ff. If you don’t like it please tell me. It wont be continued. I know how it’s difficult for you all to read all the ff but do comment if you read this.

#Manan_A_Story _From_Heart ♥

Credit to: Siyali

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Nice please do continue……

  3. Its nice

  4. Its good dr….
    Plz continues…..
    we always support u…..

  5. Interesting

  6. Ahah.. It seems good dear.. And plz study too aftr all its 10th std! Wen u cn take half an hour to write i cn surely take 2 mins frm my tym.. N m in 10th too 🙂 u’ve got boards na?
    Interested to watch NAVYA n SOHA together!! Never saw them 2gthr!
    Its gud dear.. Continue plz.. 🙂

  7. Awesome intro dearrr, Siyali it seems very interesting. ..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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