Manan~a story from heart (part 2)


Episode starts with a girl shown. She was wearing a blue jeans with black tops.Her hairs were curled at the bottom and was left open.Eyes were in blue eye-shadow…simply great.It was nandini.
Nandini :Ayiappa,where I dreamt to be and where I am!! I so wish this could be my medical university. I lost all my identity before dream got shattered. Why this only happened with me?? [Suddenly her inner side consoles her ,nandu whatever happens ,happens for a perfect reason.Nandini gathered herself and got a strength]From now I won’t get sad.It’s my life now and I will live on it.

[Manik was running to to fab 5.He was already late.Suddenly Manik and nandini both got stumble in each other.Manik holds her in his arm.Her hair was blowing in gentle breeze.Their eyes were talking.Anyone of them not wanting to break the statue was just loving to be a mannequin. The silence made them aware of the situation. Finally manik breaks the silence] Manik :What is this….can’t u see..!Nonsensical

Nandu :I am sorry and thanks for saving me (politely says)

Manik :So miss mahandevi ,hope u r finished with ur sorry-thank u..Now get lost. Again I am late(muttering in mind)

Now this hurt nandu a lot.She protests Nandu :Here I am thanking u and u just being rude.Looks,it’s all my fault You were running hurriedly, come on…!!its a study place not any marathon field.I am silent that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.Don’t throw ur attitude on me.I am not ur servant(nandu was saying all these in one breath)
Manik was surprised. Nobody before this talked to him like this.

Manik :u tiny dare u to me like that.(Suddenly maanik realized the time).I will see u later. Now I have to go otherwise I would have make u realize what I am. Saying this,manik leaves .

Nandu : uff !!starting of the day is so bad.Don’t know what’s ahead of the day.Ab aryaman kaha mar gaya ??Let me call him.[Nandu goes from here giving an angry look to the direction where manik went]

In jamm room,
Mukti :He picked??
Cabir :No,Mukti..what the hell!!
Suddenly manik enters and starts giving explanation

Manik :Sorry.. Sorry..sorry,guys, I didn’t get late on my own… U know na I can’t get up so early.. Overall that stupid girl made me late..
(Before manik could finishes his words,Mukti interrupts..)
Mukti :On the very 2nd day, u made girlfriend, smart haan??

Aliya :like really..!!u didnt tell me..

Manik :(giving a victim look) nooo… That girl can never be my gf,now plz stop overreacting..

Cabir :Manik,u still didn’t get it..they r teasing u..haha

Manik :(giving a angry look)u ppllllllll…..
(Manik punches them…and finally a group hug of fab 5)

Dhruv :U ppl forgot Raghav sir’s warning..we need to go…

Manik :ohh…I is registration last day.Let’s go there.
Cabir :yeah..I made so long claim.

In the corridor,nandini is talking on phone to aryaman..

Nandu :where r u??I am so alone here..

Aru :what happened?? U okay??

Nandu :yeah…u come we need to do the registration.. But what about band?I mean, I heard in space all need to get admitted as a band.

Aru :don’t worry..we r a band,na?And navya is also coming.

Nandu :it’s great then..long time,I didn’t see her.. Come soon . bye

Precape: In registration room,manan fight

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Credit to: Tasfia

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  1. Again fight so cute

  2. Haha fight is gonna turn into love

  3. One more fight….great yar……
    Good going yar…..
    plz continue…..
    We r waiting…..
    Thanx for such an amazing update…..

  4. Hey,plumbyyy….I never get to talk to u…but I love ur comments…thanks a ton and love u dear

  5. awesome

  6. Aww tas u just be so sweet !! Love you too dear 🙂
    and i loved d epi!!! Kyy is ending n u’ve started writing at d perfect tym !! Love MaNan to eternity!! Fab 5 hug!!!!!!!! Friendship is what means everything to me! Im so close to my friends that i share every small thing of my day my feelings with them without hesitating and they being the ever good listeners just get me complete mad in return 😛 as in i start doing all insane and silly things! 😛 And Fab 5 is what i miss daily!! In s1 they did not even give a proper fab 5 hug after the talent hunt performance!! And MaNan cute fight.. Its The Manik Malhotra and The Nandini Moorthy out there!! Oh gosh! Im loving it tas!! And.. Wanna know about nandini’s past… Tas we can just talk through comments.. And another similarity between us is mine and your name starts from the letter “T” !! Tasfia is your real name na?
    However, I’m loving these angry birds!

    1. Plumbyyy,yeah…Tasfia is my real name…what’s urs????glad to know u loved the episode

  7. And and plumbyy…u r really a gem heart person….thanks for giving me love….I would really love to know ur real name that starts with T

  8. So bad….

  9. great update plz continue…..

  10. Bad grammar.
    ……..just stop the bullshit… Illiterate girl

  11. @cutting doll really?? Toh u write a story na!! It’d be far better than this one right!! U write somethin after that we’ll se what is good and bad!!
    Tas u dont worry dear.. Ur readers r der to suport u.. U just continue.. Ur goin good..

  12. Oops tas!! Ws dat cutting doll u?? Same symbol!! Stupid me 😛 sorry for that comment dearie.. I go all mad wen some1 bashes wt i love.. And my name’s toshna.. U cn call me anythin u want.. N im gonna call u tas.. 😀

  13. Actually,it’s a prank from my lil sis…..and plumvyyy….. Thanks for understanding..

  14. And I am sorry to all my readers as for tellyupdates holiday no story will be published before 14 January,2016……but if u guyz want I can publish the story in comment….. For that I need response…

  15. Hehe no worries tas.. Sissies r hell cute n dat too a lil sis! Umm y holiday for TU?? Throught cmnts… I guess its better u update once in 2 days or 3 days tas.. And probably viewers wont check this part to see for anythin.. U see d majority n decide tas 🙂 and are ur boards over??
    Or u can give a promo/teaser for d next update if u want!

  16. It’s too good

  17. On thinking over tos(plumbyyyy) words,I thought why not give u guys a promo of the week…so here it is

    Manan meet again. Their fight and nandu punches manik.
    Voiceover said,”How will they now befriend and how it will go on???For this, u need to stay tuned to manan ~a story from heart only on tellyupdates

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