Manan~a story from heart (Part 1)

So,here I am with my story first part… plz keep supporting…
[Fab 5 are friends since class 5.They now are at their dreamland space academy,the biggest ranked university in India.Their 2nd day at acade. …]
Place-jamm room
A sound of rock song is coming from the room.Mukti enters the room.
Mukti :Not fair..! you guys started ur practice without me(looking at dhruv,cabir and aliya).

Cabir : Here comes our tomboy.No madam Mukti ,ur mistaken, we were just trying to fuel u..hahaha
[Mukti punches cabir]
Cabir :oh god. ! Save me from the witch.
(Mukti punches more)
Aliya :Now stop it guyz .I still can’t believe I am …I mean…we r in really!!I was scared that now fab 5 would get seperated.Thankfully,it didnt happen.

Mukti :Ooo…mera aloo..i told u na manik will never let us get separated.

Cabir :Yeah…now see,we all r together in here also .Manik made us all admitted here..
(Dhruv was sitting at a corner of the room trying to matching the tunes.Meanwhile he speaks….)
Dhruv :Guyz, I guess our rhythm of the tune is wrong.

Mukti :But I checked it yesterday.. It was strategically correct..

Aliya :yeah…

Cabir : Don’t u think guyz, we r very fast.I mean it’s just 2nd day and we r practicing.We still haven’t registered us as a band.

[Suddenly Raghav sir enters in the room]
Raghav :So,students it’s ur last day to get registered,hope u remember..

Cabir :Don’t worry..sir .we never forget out imp things.After all we r fab 5.

Raghav :I don’t like ppl who make tall claims basing on nothing.. Prove urself.By the way,where is your manik?

(Now all r staring at each other.They couldn’t observe manik is not made a silly excuse)

Cabir :On the way..don’t worry,sir.

Raghav :u should get done before noon.
He leaves.

(All sighs a relief)

Aliya :Guys,again Manik is late.What to do with him???

Mukti : cabir,call the prime minister..see where he have been so busy..
Cabir continuously calls him…no answer.

[Manik in car does all the things very fastly.Changing clothes,brushing and the hair setting..]
Driver :we reached..
Manik :Thank god..I took all things in car otherwise I would have got more late…okay don’t come to pick me..I will go own..leave the keys.
(After driver leaves )
Manik : what excuse will I make to them….Ufff. !!it’s not my fault if I can’t make up to getting up early…

PRECAPE : nandini’s grand entry

I know its small but plz wait I will make it big..and put ur feedbacks.. Sorry,I can’t reply it as there r some problem in the moderation..but I read them keep doing it..and soon I will reply.. Thank you

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  1. Vry interesting nice plz continue nd post it every day lobed it ❤❤??

  2. Nice yaar but plzzz dont make alia and manik r couple

  3. Awwww…. Such a cute start!!! Great job tas !! MukBir !!! The evil twins !!! Miss them like hell !! Shyboy dhruv !!! Love this topiwala sho much !! Manikkkk !!!!! Adorable !!!!! Aww cant get up early…. Same pinch manik ! 😛
    loved it tas !! Waiting for nandu’s entry !! Take your good time to make the epis big 🙂 no hurry dear 🙂

  4. ThNku kishology…keep showing love…

  5. Plumbyyyy,I don’t know u neither u know me..still u encourage me a lot..u r each word shows love for me..I so love reading ur comments, doll….thanks for saying so much..hope to have a great journey together…. Love u..

  6. Great job dear ! Even I write 2 ffs but I never get time to read others but this one since it is just the beginning I am reading it and I’m loving it as well…go ahead and all the very best !?

  7. It’s quite good yar…..
    and of course, we r waiting for nandini grand entry…..
    great job…..
    Keep going…..
    We always support u…….

  8. Its nicee

  9. nice conversation of fab5…

  10. Awesome episode

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