Manan~a story from heart (Intro)

Hello,friends, I am Tasfia from Bangladesh,a 10th standard student and a very craziest fan of Manan.This is my first writing to something. I was quite skeptical before posting this article as so many budding stories enrolled here is capable to kick mine out.Finally,I am writing this overcoming my least inability. Plz guys comment and give ur feedbacks which I would need badly.Today is only the introduction…

Manik:The handsome hunk

Nandini:An aspersing girl who wanted to be a doctor but end up being a musical student.

Dhruv:An excellence brainy boy who is full of extreme intellectuallity.

Aliya:A modern and s*xy girl who was once a child model.

Mukti: A drug addicted girl due to his parents immature death.

Cabir:Mamma’s boy but struggling to do smthing in life.

Navya: Traditional and a consecutive family runs her.

Harshad(villain of the story):whose main motto is to break fab 5

Aryaman: Navya’s brother and best buddy of nandini.

So plz keep loving and thanks a ton..

Credit to: Tasfia


  1. Keep cnt dear..we all r manan fans we love to read all d stories including urs..i really appreciate u all d writers..n thanx for entertaing us

  2. shakshi

    it seems good but i am having no idea what the story is all about so u need to specify the theme too clearly who all r the fab five members and all etc etc its appreciatable that u started one story and promise to support u and am shakshi from india student of ninth standard younger than u and a stalker of kaisi yeh yaariaan……………………………………….

  3. Plumpyyy

    Congo on ur new story dear! Interested in reading further! And same pinch! Im in 10th too! But from india! Start writing soon πŸ™‚ u can give small updates daily or a longer ones once in 2-3 days! Its upto your choice as its not at all easy to cope up everything with the studies! No worries if you’re late as i can understand it too dear πŸ™‚ and yeah. Sorry for blabbering so much! Nice to meet you! Dont hesitate to share your ideas girl! Can we be friends as it’ll be fun as we’re of same age and im quite sure its gonna be fun in this new journey of MaNan! I hope your story grabs many eyeballs too! Im already stuck to this kyy story!
    A mad kyyian πŸ˜€

  4. Tasfia

    Thank u so much plumbyy…hope to have a great journey….thanx for supporting… Keep loving

    Thanks to all..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.