Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 9)


Nandini is thing “what did I say? Y did I say? Above all ate the food? How? Y?”
Door opened Manik came in” look Nandini I want to know are you ok are you need docter visit? Shall I call him?”
Nandini was starring at him ” no iam fine?”
Manik I don’t know what happened in past till u said it to me but one clarification my appa is very much adorable person he never disrespect women he can’t harm anyone not even unknowingly I think you missunderstood him you need closer better you talk to appa then you decide” Nandini spoked softly
Manik was just admiring her he smiled said “good nite Nandini from tommorow onwards I will be there for you but today I will sleep outside if you need anything just outside you door I will be don’t hesitate”
“Gud nite bye” he closed door and went away Nandini totally disappointed she has a hope that he will try but no use so decided to runaway in night

After a longtime Nandini opened the door of her room surprisingly it’s not locked she came out saw Manik sleeping on the caoch she looked at him his face is full of stress felt sorry the she was about go she saw the keys of car she picked them without any noise she opened front door and came out she looked for car she found it pressed unlock button it opened “thank god it’s correct key” she ran fast sat in the car nd started to drive surprisingly guard opened the gate ” may be he thought iam fab5 member in darkness” she drives fast after reaching some place she recognised the route nd drove to her house she was happy in 40mins she reached murthy’s mansion she rang the bell to her surprise mr. Murthy opened the door Nandini hugged him tight he too
“Appa! How are you? Are you ok? I was so scared appa now i feel relief thank god I dared to come”
Mr. Murthy wipped his tears nd took her outside closed the door of house and rudely said” why did you come? To spoil my image? Are to ruien my reputation in society? You are gone gone forever go”
“Appa?” “I didn’t go they kidnapped me”
What ever it is now you lost your …. I can’t take you in again”
“No appa no he did touch me”
“Who believes? “See Chutki iam a businessman I had handle many thing so for god sake go if you really think that your appa should live then go away”

“Appa” Nandini was shattered her brain busted bhoommmmm she was about to fall Manik held her tight murthy went inside nd closed the door nd cried a lot
Manik took her to car while walk she got hurt by a nail which went inside her palm she didn’t even felt it as the shock her father gave was terrible her total life smashed Manik took her back
“Nandini” Manik called her softly
“Appa thrown me out of his life?” She was trying figure it out ” it was not amms nor abhi bhai r anyone else my appa”
“Nandu calm down please try to understand everyone are pissed off at this situation try to understand please”
“No I dreamt it its just a bad dream let me go this will never happen never it’s just dream” Nandini started to go out Manik hugged her tight she was trying hard to go out by getting rid of him but he didn’t leave her she beat him really hard still he didn’t let her go she slowly started to cry I grown Manik left her alone and cameout
Manik hugged cabir ” really iam a monster I don’t deserve her” ” I want kill myself for hurting her so badly”
“Manik Manik listen thing are worst now it’s you who as to join the pieces nd make her normal you loose be more strong for her for you for you both”
All four hugged him “don’t worry Manik we both will stay with her to nite”
“Why did you let her go home” asked druv
“If she don’t get clarity she will be killing herself by waiting for her appa”
“Yes! Everthing is for good” said druv
“I don’t find any good in any of this these tendays are worst days of my life if I can I will erase t myself from nandinis life”
“Who knows Manik tommorow these day may turn to be your best memories you both may laugh together thinking about this who knows?” Aliya smiled

“May your words become true Aliya”

Credit to: Sunitha.K

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  1. nice dear i hv no words to describe it n make it longer……

  2. I’m loving it…it’s too good…keep writing..

  3. So manik married nandhini or not? Waitimg for that scene eagerly… This story day by day getting mooooore interesting… Thanks for writting this ff.

  4. Poor nandhu

  5. seriously dear ur ff is getting intresting day by day…..
    thanks for updating…..

  6. Awesome episode, so sad for nandu…manik too in pain…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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