Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 8)


Recap; Nandini is unconsious
Nandini is recollecting all the things “since twoday iam here meana how is appa? Is he ok?”
Door opened Aliya came in” Nandini i think u need shawor”
“Come on”
“But mu clothes” she looked at herself he is in jeans nd top she wide opened her eyes and asked “why iam in this dress? Did he really…….”
Nandini couldnot complete the sentence
Aliya clarified” no! No! Manik doesnt hurt anyone its me who changed your dress”
Nandini felt relaxed but her eyes filled with tears” then why is hurting me? My appa? My family?”
“Nandini come on lets go”
Aliya dropped her to washroom nd came out
Manik was outside the room hearing to them seeing Aliya he asked “Is she ok?”
“Manik she dont deserve this you dont deserve this let her go” Aliya adviced
“I cant guys” his eyes dropped tears all hugged him
Mukhti want to feed Nandini but Manik took the plate and went in Nandini was watching she is trying figure out the place so that ahe can go homw whenever she get chance
“Nandu come on have aomething since twoday you are fasting”
“No i dont need mr….
“Manik” ” Iam manik”
“Ya! ” both eyes locked
Nandini turned her face manik held her nd made her to sit and took rive nd mixed it with curry nd kept infornt of her mouth she turned her face manik tried hard but she didnot opened her mouth manik held her chin nd forcely kept i nandini eyes started flowing tears manik left her chin and wipped her tears in low voice ” look nandu! I know iam worst nd insane at you but trust me once i will fix everthing once we get married i promise i will convince mom nd i will take you to appa”
“So to get married with me you did this? As fab5 you wont have approached my appa r me?”
Manik laughed “How cute!!!”
Nandini was looking at his smile “his dmile is fabulous” suddenly she thought “what am i thinking”
“Look mr. Manik let me handle this aee i will talk to my appa, i will also try to convinvce him as you are my frist choice he will mot say no but frist we will go home look i will i wll fix everything” nandini is trying to convince manik to leave her
“So iam your frist choice” repeated manik
Nandini just became speechless
Manik shaked his head and hugged her “thank you”
“Bottom of the line is i didnot do this to marry you but i did for revange becoz of your dad i lost my dad nd your family kidnapped my bhuwa a day before marriage as i did till today we dont known ia she alive r not so to take revange i did this its different that you are my inly choice so i want to marry”
“In this where am i wrong? Y am i getting this punishment?” Asked nandini in frustation
“Why am i getting this? Why though i marry the girl of choice i dont get rid of my guilt nd your haterate ns tears? Its our fate”
“No manik please dont do this once i will call my dad see i will give you answers please give me a single chance please”
“Nandu! Dont ” his eyes were filled with tears “dont ask me anything which had to answer no to you which i dont want i begg you please” manik completed his plate gave her water nandini was shocked she ate totally drank water looking at him
“Take rest tomm morning is our flight to delhi”

Credit to: sunitha.k

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