Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 55)

Guys hai! So many of you got doubts and confusion.let me clarify,
Nandini is prasad murthy and nanditha malhotra’s daughter.
Yes she illegal sister of murthy. Bhuwa of both harshaad and abhishek. This is the darkness of her life. Which Mr. Murthy never want to reveal.

In south India marring bhuwa’s daughter and mamma’s daughter is acceptable. That is murthy asks for manik’s to nandini frist for which nyionika rejects and orders Manik to kidnap her.

Murthy wants to get nandini her right in malhotra family as a daughter of nanditha that’s why he always keep an eye on Manik and knows each and every single detail about him

Nandini unknowingly attracted to Manik as a fan and loves him. Murthy that’s why always gifts her tickets of Manik concert to make her know more of him.

Finally destiny brought them together. Manik thought of marrying nandini out of guilt but after seeing her, he felt his love. When fab4 opposes to kidnap it’s Manik who just want to do so.

Manik meets murthy a day before kidnap and says him that nandini will be kidnapped tomorrow and I want to marry her. Murthy knows it before, when he saw frist time in his house as organizer because murthy has a close eye on Manik. Murthy felt proud of his choice for nandini. When nandini returned home back, murthy kicked her away so that she should totally relay on Manik which makes her to understand him best and accept this marriage.

Guys this my story which I completed your comments gave me strength and courage to write this

I want to write Kyyseason 3, some one has written it story line was good but I don’t know she just rushed to end it. I want to take same memory loss concept but full of Manik nandini falling in love again.
Guys if you feel I should write or not do comment and suggest me
Loads of love❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. Lisa

    It was,is n always will be the pleasure to read u. If u want u can go with it or else u can start with a whole new concept like this one. 2 more request… Plz give druliya too some importance in ur stories as they were the 2nd couple of the kky but dont know why nobody gives them enough importance at their ff. Everybody is behind mukbhi or cavya who were not actually a couple at serial. 2nd one is give long update malik malhotra soon. Eagerly waiting for that one 😀

  2. Tanushree

    eagerly waiting for ur new ff… pls continue. one more thing do u have another kyy ff (manik malhotra: its my love story) running here? pls clarify

  3. mishti

    of coz dear we especially me would love to read that though I won’t be able to comment daily but I read each and every ff of manan……….and sorry 4 my harsh words on this ff………..u no na I can’t see manan in pain so……..hope u understand

  4. kavya

    Plz plz plz
    I m waiting for ur ff kyy season 3…..
    U r an amazing writer…..soo it will definitely rock…..soo…..plz….

  5. swaru

    This is the first time i ready one full story. Really good. I feel i watch the serial. Go a head.

  6. luck

    eagerly waiting for your new ff….n da best thing I like about u is … u r updates r faster compared to other….

  7. Lisa

    Sunitha wont u continue ur ff manik malhotra? I m waiting for that from the morning. When will u give update?as the rivals one is finished now, i thought u will give a lots of episode of that one. Waiting 🙁

      • Lisa

        Thank u as i like ur other ff in ur new story is it a continution of kky 3 or new one?whatever it is i know u will also rock at that story too. Bt plz give some attention too mm its my love story bcoz this story is also nice.bst of luck 😀

  8. Roma

    Awesome, thx sunitha for this update to clarify our doubts….i d love to read your new story on kyy s3….keep it up. Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.