Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 53)

Manik and nandini came out of their tragedy.may be because of nandini’s scream out or getting khurana punishment.

Manik and nandini started their love life. Total family again became happy. Nyionika also started to enjoy life with Manik and nandini.

Alya got married next month to madhan. Mukhti engaged with Abhimanyu. Cabir made nandini match fixer for him.drvu is getting daily heartbreaks.

Murthy came to malhotra mansion.
“I want to say something to you all” he declared.
All gathered;

“I want to say about mr.malhotra’s miser mistry.”
All looked at him
“Please listen patiently.
My father mr.prasad murthy was a businessman, whatever he touched became diamond with in no time became multimillionaire in Delhi. His only weakness is woman. Basically he is a womanizer.
Nanditha malhotra sister of harsha malhotra was a singer and classical dancer. Once in a party he saw her asked for hand got rejected for his age.
On nanditha’s marriage occasion my dad kidnapped her and brought home.
Me and mom kept her safe and fighter with him. Temperorly he took back step. I called harsha and informed about nanditha. As flights are cancelled he took road journey.
Night my dad came home in drunken state and again made a attempt which my mom and me again protested, but in nasha he thrown my mom accidentally she broke her brain and died in second.

When we returned from graveyard, my dad and harsha was fighting with knife in hand. I was about to stop nanditha hit my dad with iron rod which made harsha slip his hand and my dad leaned front which made knife slip into harsha body, nanditha went on beating my dad till he died.

Later I came to know that whole night my dad….. When we were in my mother’s death tragedy. I asked her to return back to your house she refused. “A lost my life seeing me my whole family dies daily let me be in dark.”

I managed my dad’s death. Harsha malhotra’s death you all know.
Nanditha attempted for sucide when she came to know her pragnancy. We stopped. My wife took her to my in laws place. her mental illness made her die after delivery.

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  1. i got confused … whose mom died??

  2. That means nandini nanditha daughter

  3. oho nandini is maniks cousin.

  4. R nandu harsha s daughter means manik cousin? n harshad n abhishek s bua? Chee.. Plz dont turn the storu like that. Mr murty who is the father of nandu became his step brother. Plzz dont make this mess. I m feeling like hell. N whatever i know about hindu religion, cousin s wedding is forbidden na? I dont know clearly.. Plz sunitha plz n step me out of this confusion..

    1. Felt the same Lisa…Sunitha pls reply…

  5. I cant digest the fact that nandini is the illegal child of murty s father n his father is actually his brother. Sorry to cpmmenting like this. Plz make something else..plzzz

  6. Cud u plz expln this again??
    Actually its smwat cnfusing
    So pLz

  7. the way u explained…it concludes that nandini will be manik bua or cousin…. how can they marry then… its confusing

  8. Finally truth revealed….is nandini nandhita’s daughter?….love you loads

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