Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 52)


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Nandini and Manik trying hard to come out of pain and be normal.
All family members are trying hard to making things better.

Sid, Mona , Nikhil are revolving around Nandini trying to make her smile all the day

Manik and Nandini are seen normal but the life in them is missing. Nyionika all of sudden became old.
Days are just passing.

“Manik darkness happens its us who have to make it. This is not working. Look Nandu how lifeless is she?”
“Manik come out don’t think just let the pain go away”
“You know guys in this hands docter gave lifeless boy full of blood dark green colour. When I frist time I touched,” he shivered
“See this mark!
Docter said Nandini has to go through pains we can’t operate to remove child. They gave medicines to get pain she screamed, shouted, cried, begged in pain to save child
What she said you know?

“It’s our child docter my gift to mom and Manik papa will come back again please save my child”
The sounds are still hearing in my ears”
“I buried my boy with hands”
“I with my mouth said nandu that we lost our child”
“I the great Manik Malhotra is waste. He can do nothing. It’s my sin which I did in bringing Nandu gave her most worst punishment. Iam still alive”
When everyone got tears and when they are flowing non of them noticed
Mukhti came to Manik wiped his tears “let the pain go away Manik. Think Nandu needs you the most you only can make her smile. Pains test your relation, don’t let a gap enter in between you”
Harshad came running
“Jiju! It’s khurana! ” he is trying to breath hard.
Manik hold his arms “what?”
“Yes! Proofs” Harshad showed the video

” Bastard!” Shouted Manik with boiling anger.

Everyone are in hall. Khurana with family is standing, video is playing
Manik took his collet in anger ” speak why?”

Khurana opened mouth”I planed everything to get you as my son in law from years but you brought this Nandini murthy and just married without even considering rivality between both families.
Still I requested to re marry but you and your mom rejected. I went to murthy and said about how you are treating worst Nandini. That headstrong sent me away. I was waiting for a chance, threedays continuous waiting gave me a chance to do accident to you, thought by this Murthy’s and malhotra’s again fight. I said your mom that it’s Murthy’s but she shouted at me and believed Murthy’s.
What happened I don’t know but Nandini went to Mumbai it was a best news for me to kill your relation but again my bad luck Nandini is pragnant. Worst is nyionika patched up with Murthy’s it made me to go mad. Reason is that child so, send two persons to be in hospital and check your moments then killed that baby.., mandini slapped him.
“What did my child do? Just for your perception you killed my child why? How pain did my child gone through when that rod hit my stomach do you atleast imagine? The head of baby might got hurt. He died. My baby died.” She cried
“You know he was moving in my womb. I felt him . I want him now. Did you listen I want him back. The feeling, the happiness, my manik’s smile, my mom’s happiness everything, I want back” Manik hugged she cried loudly

Total hall is silent only nandini’s cry is roaring. Even khurana got tears.

Khurana went to jail.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Very emotional…one…waiting for next.

    1. I posted all episodes yar it’s over for more two episode which I already updated waiting for your comments

  2. Plz give a proper happy ending with manan s child and definately romance

  3. Don’t finish

  4. superb yar.what is murthys truth

  5. Really awesome n emotional writing really no words to express

  6. You r seriously very good writter. I am just don’t know how to say but I am always check ur fanfiction. ur every ff make a curiosity of next ff. I am really happy to read ur ff.

  7. Ohh gud…atleast the truth came out…now mr.murthy’s truth is pending… but wil defenitly miss this ff…

  8. pls dont finish it of naa n pls pls continue ua ff drves me crazy ..pls cntinue dis ff

  9. So sad manan

  10. This khurana shouldn’t be alive…jail is not enough punishment….he killed the life of manan pure love….so hurting…love you loads sunitha

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