Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 51)

Nandini has gone through obortion.
Manik was standing besides her, when docter was aborting. The pain, the screams and her shouting made Manik feel hell infront of him.
Instead of tears blood is seen in his eyes, Nandini in pain bitted Manik’s hand it’s bleeding.

The best feeling of having child for their own is finished docter showed Manik undeveloped baby which came out from Nandini’s womb.
Totally filled with blood. Manik slipped back, became panic and about to faint nurse held him tight
“This is why I asked you to stay away Manik” docter said
“I want my child please wrap he/she?” Looked towards docter
“It’s boy Manik”
“Boy my son! I will give him to my dad please give me”
Docter wrapped boy neatly and gave to Manik.
Manik cried like hell taking that lifeless child in hand. Controlled himself “when will she wake up?”
“I gave sedation takes 4hrs”
“I will come”
Manik came out. By seeing Manik with total wrapped body nyionika screamed badly. Mrs murthy fainted.
“Mom! It’s boy! I will give to papa and come.” All got tears nyionika is crying hard
Nikhil took Manik to graveyard.

Manik himself ploughed the land with one hand. Hold the body with other hand and kept the body with full care.
Nikhil and Manik returned hospital.

After 6hrs Nandini woke up frist touched her stomach. She felt pain tears are flowing
Looked towards Manik. He is silent
“Our baby!” She asked him
“We lost him” Manik cried
No! Shouted Nandini. Her screams, shouting and her tears filled whole hospital.
Manik hugged her tight,both lost child pain is in both.

Sorry guys I know it’s totally bullshit and made me cry like hell but what to do? Iam helpless

Mostly in three episodes my ff will be completed so bear me.

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey plz don’t end this yaar plz continue with manik and nandhini child…plz i love ur story very much

  2. janu

    what much painfull this episode is .
    what happening yar.
    clear it na.
    story become too sad and painfull.
    when they will come to original state?.
    when happy days come in their life?

  3. Lisa

    I m confused for which i should react? For the sad story of manan or for the ending of this beautiful ff? But if u r ending this ff then plz give us another one ff on manan. I know u have 1 mote named manik malhotra but somewhere i feel this two story is written by two different people. I mean this one is with full details n emotion but about the other one i feel that u write that in hurry always. Thats too nice bt seems like u give less attention that. Plz write another ff like this one. Plzz na….its a request

  4. mini

    i know its painful but please don’t end this ff
    i am very much obessed with ff please dont
    please continue more episodes

  5. Devi

    Thanks for the update…but its sad….since u r goin to end tis ff, plz update all the episodes fast…

  6. aalia

    Hey r u going to end this plz don’t do it ……I mean to say ke plz don’t stop it its really awesome something unique n day by day interesting …..plz don’t stop writtting this ff

  7. Lisa

    Sunitha plz add some more episode n show manan romance. Yhe actual kky was was end at a dead point. I dont want to remember saddy manan. I want to remember a happy story of manan. So plzzzz add some more episode n show our all time fav happy manan with their child. Plz plz

  8. Latha

    Sunitha it’s life everyone needs to accepts ups and downs then only the beauty of the life can be seen you are doing a great job your ff is like a addiction to me

  9. Tanushree

    whyyy are u doing this? it was so cheerful when they were together. if u are ending this pls end it in a happy note….

  10. Megh

    The epi is really emotional Sunitha di…and y r u ending this…dont end this…even if u want to end,pls do it on a happy note

  11. Priya

    I had my eyes completely full of tears….see u r making ppl involving in ur story pls continue dnt complete the story..but u did splendid job in writing this ff….the way if narration is beautiful…. U r a fantabulous writer…..

  12. Megha

    Plzz don’t end this
    I can’t stop reading this I
    Really love it
    Plzz do anything else
    To make story long but plzz
    Don’t do it

  13. Dear plz Dont stop writting this ff u write another one. Also we read that even but plz Dont stop plz I just luv ur writings plz continue this one only plz

  14. vaishali

    Plz continue
    M really addicted to it plzz
    Do sumthn
    Future k bre m likho
    Ya fab5

  15. Roma

    Ohh…it’s really so sad epi…I’m crying so bad. Mt shouldn’t happen with this sweet couple. …plzzzz don’t end ….its very heart wrenching. …but I loved the way you narrating everything. ….love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.