Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 50)


Nandini is on floor unconscious. Manik took her in arms and kept her slowly on bed.
Nyionika called docter. She sat on bed took nandini legs and started run them
Manik is trying wake her up. All came up. They all were worried
Docter came in tenmins
She checked nandini.
“She is anemic, and think not even having healthy diet, needing to keep a drip. If she is in same condition it may cause lethal for both child and mother. I suggest her to take maximum care.”
“She in angry docter. But we will take good care of her”nyionika answered
“Yes mam! You have to please listen to her and try to fulfill her wish. Keep her happy. I will give this medicines give her in time and next time if she faints again, I can’t give any garrenty for her life”
Manik screamed “what? Look docter it’s nandini. Understood she will be safe and has to”
Manik went in took her in arms and said to docter “walk with me”
“Munna what are you doing?”
“Mom she will be with me that’s it”
Manik walked to car and made her sleep he kept her in his lap, nyionika sat in front seat car went to malhotra mansion in Mumbai
Murthy’s followed him

After 3hrs nandini woke up. Manik is sitting besides her. Nyionika is on other side
“Munna!” She called Manik. He hugged her. Nyionika to have both hug.
“Congratulations both of you”
Nyionika wished them
Nandini remembered everything she left Manik and saw arround
“I had to go”she tried to wake up
“Nandu! Chup….. Sleep no stress take rest we will talk later” Manik made her sleep
“No, I will go to appa’s house”
“I will again bring you here.”

“No Manik you won’t and I will go”
“Nandu! One more time if say that you will go, what I will do you cant even imagine”
“If you stop me I will ..”
“He kept finger on her lips.
“Nandu! Listen to me iam your appa, you are my good girl chutki so once listen if you want we all will stay here”
“No appa! If you don’t want me to come to your house I will go to some other place.” She is more stubborned.
“Nandu! This much zid does not work out listen once after your recovery we will go” Sulochana requested.
Nyionika also begged her. After long session of argument she obeyed to stay.

Since two days nandini is not taking food, everyone in house fed up begging her. Manik is loosing his patience still nandini is not trying to eat. Manik too stopped eating. Stil she didnot eat.

Docter kept drip. She is totally weak and pale. Manik and nyionika are helpless. All members in murthy’s family suggested to tell truth to nandini. Me. Murthy decided to say truth.

As nandini is weak shifted to hospital. Medication is going on murthy came in ” chutki I will tell you about your father in laws death which will help you to stay with Manik so, frist you eat well get discharged I will say at your home infront of everyone”
“What truth appa?”
“You frist eat look Manik is also starving for god sake eat”
Nandini looked Manik. He is pale and weak for him she want to eat
Nyionika happily brought food for both.

After two day nandini discharged. Nyionika, nandini, navya, Sulochana, are standing infront of hospital waiting for car. A bike came fast with two people and hit nandini on stomach with air on rod and went away in just fraction of seconds
Nandini shouted with pain Manik who was just back of them talking to docter came running. Harshaad ran back of bike.

Nandini was bleeding heavily nyionika cried docter please save her, Manik is mum his mind just went blank.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Oh no. Plz dnt do this,

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  8. I know you are going to kill in upcoming episodes. Iam sorry guys

    1. No need to tell sorry. Its a pary of the story. N again as i say u r soo unpredictable. Actually every twist u have brought in ur story, i just loved all n this one is not an exception. Now manan s emotion will shown more when they will passed this difficult phrase bt plz reunite manan. I cant see them separate

  9. I think this is khanna ka plan hein

  10. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey plz save manan child.

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    pls dont do this to manan…

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  14. I m sad for both manan n their baby bt happy by thinking that the story is not ended yet. I was in fear that sunitha will end the ff within 4 or 5 episode more. N about manan s pain…. Life is not a fairytale. It is a mixture of happiness n pain . So hopefully this phrase of the story will also passed away soon but sunitha plz give a happy ending where manan would be together forever

    1. Thank you right life is not fairy tale.

      1. 🙂 😀

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