Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 49)

Nyionika booked two ticked to Mumbai. Manik and nyionika got ready and started
Arnav called bhabhi
Nyionika looked him
“Bhabhi are seriously going to murthy’s house?”
“Are you sure?”
“Nandi is my daughter, at any coast I need her back. I will bring her back”
“But it’s murthy’s place” Arnav remembered
“So what Arnav? Look Arnav I lost my hubby he will not come back but my children’s happiness I can bring it. Now it’s about my grand child nothing can stop me”
“Iam not stopping you bhabhi”
“Good munna come on”
Both walked away

In murthy’s house after listening to navya, mr. Murthy slipped back with shock al run to help him
“Ayyapa! Not anymore exams for my nandu. I want peace for her life. This truth will never come out. It will not! Look I will handle chutki nobody will own your mouth” he warned them.

Murthy went to nandini with plate to feed her.
He took a halo and kept it in mouth she is crying”appa you know mom will feed me like this daily. You say did I ever irritate you in my 23years?”
“No! Your good girl” murthy replied
“But I irritate mom! He always run back of me with plate. Still I don’t eat. But she never scoldes me, instead begs me eat. Mona always fights with mom that she loves me. You what she says to Mona?”
“You are daughter of this house oneday you will go to your own house but nandu always stay with us” nandini cried” I left her and came I broke her trust i betrayed them appa as Manik said” she stopped eating and kept her head on knees and crying
Nandini’s mom came scolded her not to cry and sit like this in this condition.
Murthy try to convince nandini a lot but everything went into vein

Manik and nyionika entered Mumbai. They took sweats and fruits Manik brought flowers total red roses for her and came to murthy’s house

Murthy’s got surprised seeing nyionika and invited them
By listening to Manik and nyionika voice nandini came out from her room they say in hall her room on frist floor she saw them and thought of running to hug them but stopped herself and locked herself in her room

“Sorry but I want to see nandu later I will eat for now this sweat I will take and congratulations to you all” nyionika said with smile
Sulochana hugged her. She too
Harshaad and abhishek hugged Manik and congratulated

“Nandu is in her room” navya showed the way
Manik knocked the door” nandu”
She didn’t open

Nyionika called still she didn’t open
“Nandu! Look don’t dare to this and you know I will break this door if you don’t so please for god sake open the door”
Manik stop it she may get hurt I will talk
“Nandu bacha! You are good girl zid nahi kartha see you are becoming mom and you are behaving like kid just once you open door we will see you talk to you that’s it please bacha!” Nyionika spoked softly
There is no answer from inside Manik got angry” nandu! Don’t test my patience look it’s better open door if not you will see animal in me”
“Manik” nyionika slapped him “don’t even dare to speak like this to her she needs care not jusssa”
“Look mom how stubborn end is she?” Manik felt helpless
Navya brought keys of that room and opened the door
Manik nyionika and navya shocked

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. janu

    I am getting tears.whats happings.why she behaving like kid.
    murthy ka secret bathado yar I cnt wait

  2. Devi

    Again suspense…..u r superb sunita…. making us to eagerly wait for ur updates evrytime…plzzz updare sooon na…and plz lengthy one….

  3. Amaya

    Ayyooo…im waiting for the next episode…come faaaast….so restless…what happened to nandu..

  4. Lisa

    I think nandoni ran away from her house. Sunitha ehat to say u? The way u show nandini n manik s feelings only u can describe this. By reading this i m eqially responsinh with them. I m smiling, laughing n sometimes feeling hurt n heartbroken. I seriously think only u can do this magic. If u end this ff i m going too miss u badly

  5. unknown

    I am one of the silent readers but ur ff has compelleed e to comment
    U r an amazing writer and I am addicted to ur ff
    U r an amazing writer
    So plzzzzzz…… Update soon the suspense is killing me

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..