Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 47)

Recap; nandini walks away

Manik ran behind her and stopped her”are you mad? Where will you go and why will you go? Look if you angry or anything, seriously anything which hanting you just speak out if not hurt me with your silence but no you can’t go ”
“Leave me please don’t make it hard for me I had to go and iam going” struggling to get her hand released from Manik
“No never! I can’t , I won’t”
“And I will” she spoked stubborn
“Ok! Bacha ! At least tell the reason we will sort it out it’s simple” nyionika trying to console her
” mom you promised you won’t stop me” she strictly warned
“But I will and if take more I will kill you. Walk in if not my right hand is strong enough to carry you in”
Manik warned
“Bhabhi I will carry you in” Sid said
“Yes you all can but how you will stop me to kill myself? Now are then I get chance to jump from balcony, cut my pulse, drink nail paint anything I can do”
Manik slapped her hard ” how dare you”
“Yes now iam warning you, let me go or let me kill myself choice yours”
” you think I will fear for this”
“Do you think that I won’t do all this?”
Manik eyes filled with tears “I can’t live with out you nandu please don’t do this to me”
Nandini’s eyes filled with tears “I have no choice munna I beg you please let me go please”
“Ok say me reason and then go”Manik is sitting on his knees begging
” let me go” nandini sat on knees wiped his tears kissed him on forehead.
“You will not follow me it’s your black promise which iam using. I will be safe. You take care mom and yourself”
“Nandu no bacha iam your mom na please for my sake I can’t live without you” nyionika tears flowing
“Mom” nandini hugged her tight “you are best mom” ” I love ma”
She just walked away leaving everything behind. The distance from door to hate is killing her.

At gate she turned back seeing Manik crying she couldn’t came running Manik to runned and reached her and took her in hug both cried. She kissed him all the face he too
Nandini kept her forehead on his and cried
“No don’t go”
“I love you Manik”
She forcedly walked away from him
Manik sat there with pain shouted “nandini”

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  1. What happen suddenly.. Why she left?

  2. Wt hapn she is leaving him…..I guess someone blackmailed her to leave manik..

  3. Soha must have blackmailed her

  4. I cried while writing this episode guys but much more pain is on the way art guys bear it for story

  5. don’t separate them.

  6. Y this episode is not seen in kyy2 page???

  7. I’m boiling with anger………..literally I think my mind will burst anytime……….. just cut the crap and then together within the next epi……….or else I won’t be able to rest in peace

  8. Wat happened…its killing me to know the reasons for such a bad situation….??

  9. So sad yaar

  10. Nooooo, why she did this

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