Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 46)


Manik came home . Nandini and nyionika are looking after him. All these days they just cried silently both are equally hurt and pain seeing Manik like this

Manik head injury totally healed. Hand plaster is to be kept for more 3 weaks fab5 stayed for a weak. They all gave him good company.

Manik is doing office work from home. Nandini is handling everything. Nyionika looking after him. Everything is turning good. Manik is recovering very fast

Manik noticed changes in nandini. She is having a different glow on her face. She is irresistible for him
At the sametime he eyes are pale like starting when he brought her here. Manik asked many times but she just said the reason is accident. He too believed it.

Nandini is dying from inside it is totally a difficult and worst topic to think but she had to be strong. Her mind soul and body are strongly apposing her mind. She hugged Manik tight kissed him he too back. She didnot stop insisted for more Manik is happy he started the game with exciting and passion. Whole night both didnot sleep. Early morning Manik slept

Nandini woke up made all preparations, made a total list of works to do and to not to do. Checked all files and valuables, kept the wardrobe neat. Her eyes are flowing like hell. Heart is roaring went to washroom and cried for a while and washed her face and came out. She cooked all manik’s favorites.

After Manik woke up she did all his works took him down served him with love after he completed eating made him sit in hall and called nyionika too.

Nandini spoked” mom! At the time of frist date you promised me that you will fulfill my any wish do you remember?”
“No!” Nyionika smiled and said”just kidding ask what you want?”
“O ho!” “It’s looking like Ramayana science going on like jo vaar mangna hai mango” Manik commented
“Shut up bacha! Let her ask” “you say ignore him”
“After what ever I say to Manik you will not stop me” she kept her hand head
“Ok! But don’t beat my son infront of me” she joked

Nandini stood up took her keys kept on table kissed him and wiped her tears
“Nandu you are scaring us what is the matter?” Manik became serious
“Iam leaving you Manik. Iam going you will not stop me.”
“Iam…… Leaving forever……” Her voice is shevering
Both mother and son stood up
“Look here what the hell that means?” Manik shouted
“Yes iam going away from you we are not ment to leave together. My fate is to only cry.”
Manik hugged her”look nandu accidents do happen that doesn’t mean we are responsible just chill from now on I’ll drive more careful ok don’t over stresss”
“Not about accident I had to leave Manik iam going you……… Don’t stop me”
“Bacha! I understood your fear but this not solution”

Nandini released herself from Manik, walked away before his mind could understand

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Angel Martina

    next part di i cannot understand

    1. Why she is leaving??? Wait

  2. Pls pls dont make nandinin leave manik pls

  3. No plzz stop her

  4. Its very ? sad moment….wat will happen now next..

  5. omg….wats happening???? I thought she will tell about her pregancy but totally another scene….sunithaji u r giving many twists nd not revealing any secrets…..plzz update another episode soon

  6. hey what happening yar.this too much disappointed.plz let them togeher.dnt create any issues bt them like telugu daily serials yar.

    1. No just trying to make murthy speak about truth

      1. when they will unite again?.is manik hates nandini?

      2. No never Manik and nandini are always manan

  7. Nice one but so sad is she really goes away from manik???

  8. what??? why??? pls dont do this. dnt seperate them……

  9. Omg Sunitha….what’s this painful episode from last one…wer will nandini go now..

  10. emotional episode.
    Do not separate manik and nandu

  11. What i dont understand pliz dont lte them separet

  12. What i dont understand pliz dont let them separet

  13. Nice and so sad

  14. Don’t worry guys in coming episodes you will get all answers. I know you all will kill me but to make truth come I had to do so.

    Pain only made them love more now pain will show them how much they love each other .

    Pain is a part of romance . I’ll try to entertain with some manan secence.

    1. I like ur concept sunitha.its not soo much predictable like sas bahu serials..waiting for nxt update bt plz soon unite manan. N why i have feelings that u r going to finish it soon? Plz dont do this… I love ur ff

      1. Thank you I means a lot
        Every beginning has ending
        Same way every pain has end it will end with painful but best way

  15. Sunitha please don’t separate them….let them be together please….also update the next part soon we are anxiously waiting please update it fast dea

  16. Omg…this is not what v expected….plz update the nxt epi…plz dont make us wait for ur surprise…

  17. I literally cried
    Omg awesome update ????

  18. Plz don’t don’t do this

    1. I had no choice guys I too hate it but helpless .

  19. what the hell is that……..I don’t no anything……… what’s happening…….. I can’t see both like this………..u plzzzzzzzzzzzz better finish with this stupid phase of separation

  20. Please dont end this we still need you .You always make our day every day

  21. I don’t want her to leave. Soo painful for Manik

  22. So sad for manan…

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