Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 44)

Manik nandini’s marriage completed 9 months. The life for them is a dream come true. All the happiness in the world is with Manik. As so he is rocking in his carrier and passion.
Nandini and Manik went on world tour for two months along with nyionika as they don’t want to leave her alone.
Next month is Manik and nandini’s frist anniversary. Manik planned really big for nandini.

It’s Aliya’s engagement. Madhans*xana a businessman, neighbor and childhood friend of Aliya.

“Aloo! Why you want to waste your life on this duffer see he is asking budget of film from which I took the song” cabir in disgusting face
“Cabir! I just enquired” replied madhan
“Look Aliya muddy doesn’t know abcd’s of music and he will make you shopping Holic” suggested druv
“Don’t be so mean yaar! Jiju is not so our type but he is cute” complimented mukhti
“Aa jiju kabh nana?” Cabir questioned
” when he gifted my dream bike”
“For what he bribed you?” Druv asked seriously
“On that day at banglore concert after show I helped them for date thaab” replied mukhti
“It’s too much cabir chaloo take aloo from here” Manik stood up
“Even nandini took bribe” mukhti slipped
What?? All boys and Aliya shouted
“She is my little sister it’s just a Shagun” madhan tried to take her side
“What nandini got?” Manik asked
“Street food she want to eat and you refused on the other day”
“Seriously! You ate that chi…,”Manik kept a weird face
“It’s lovely yammy” nandini said still feeling it

“Wait wait point is for what you got bribed?”
“Aaa that…. Two days back you were teasing bhai, not letting Aliya to meet him, I said him to her room”
Aliya blushed
“These girls na for safety pin they will sell us” druv said in anger
“And you nandu are you mad street food? Come on let’s go for check up” Manik worried
“Chill it’s two days back and she is absolutely fine ” mukhti cuts him
“Bottom line is this guy doesn’t deserve aloo so cancel” cabir declared
“Druv I’ll arrange a s*xy secretary for you” madhan said
“Really” druv face was glowing
“Abha! He is bribing you” cabir shouted
“Cabir after party there is a special old wine for you”
“How old”
“It’s from Germany”
“Really I love it”
“Kutho salaa Sab ka Sab matlabi hai” Manik started beating them
“Chill na Manik aloo tho no bolna valli nahi then”
Everyone laughed
Manik was observing nandini now a days her eating habits are totally changed eating in mid nite sleeping for long hours getting tired easily. He decided to take her to docter.

Aliya’s engagement over.

Precap; life is not always just happiness it has big surprises in itself which makes our life a roller coaster. Manik and nandini are not special they to had to face it. Truth makes its way to come out at right time.

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