Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 43)


Board meeting started all the members are sitting. Mr.khurana is observing Manik and nandini, they both looked different the way they smile and lost in eachother made him understand that nandini murthy started enjoy the power as Mrs.malhotra.

Khurana has a daughter nishi khurana, since Manik started his carrier khurana observed him and decided to marry nishi to him. The power and property of malhotra’s is best. Manik has major portion in company as legal heir of nyionika’s single son.

Now nandini murthy who is rivals daughter enjoying this did not make khurana digest it. He is just waiting for the correct time.

After the party incident malhotra’s did react on khurana, because of old friendship which Arnav don’t want to spoil.

Life for Manik and nandini is like a fairytale. Everywhere in the city Manik and nandini’s posters are kept for one or the other advertisement. Chanels are back of them trying to cover them.

Manik’s day starts from the nandini in his arms hugging tight, jogging together, swimming together, have breakfast made by nandini then to office. Evening when returns having fun with family. Music with or for nandini. This is his daily routine.

Nandini’s whole world is revolving around Manik. Nyionika is her best friend. She almost forgot mr. Murthy’s given pain. She is enjoying. Everyday is a best day for for her

Nyionika is just rocking. A son like Manik is blessed one but daughter like nandini is best part of her life. Everywhere they go they take nyionika with them. Life is just simple and at best core. Now she is just feeling to have a kid to play with, but never expressed it. Manik’s childhood was very tough for nyionika as it was the phase where she has to become strong and gather courage to face the loneliness of her life so, she want manik’s son or daughter with whom she can hang out the best.

Manik and nandini didnot plan for a child or didnot take any measures to avoid pregnancy. Actually they never thought of it.

After board meeting in the press meet one of the journalist asked the question “when can we all expect a small rockstar, that means Malhotra’s next generation?”
Both Manik nd nandini looked eachother.
“Well it’s a bit …”Manik was blushing
“O ho! Manik sir you are blushing”shouted all jokes flowed
“Well when it’s going to happen we both give a pose for any product used in pragnancy” Manik replied
All laughed.

Manik after reaching home asked same question to nandini “nandu! We didn’t take any precautions if it happens? Are you ready? Are we ready? Should we take time to prepare for parenthood?”
Nandini smiled”I don’t think we need any preparation. By god’s grace we have everything ok! About we both frist you have to think being a rock star heart throb of all girls if become a father how they feel? May be they think you became old. And about fab5 nobody still got their partners for dating and you are planning for a kid”

“Achaa! I what we have to plan”
Manik starting tickling her.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Really awesome it was

  2. simply super episode….I liked it very much….but plzzz don’t make more complications in manan life….there will be villians but end the problems soon….one more suggestion I want to give u is plzzz don’t make that’ nandini cannot get pregancy’ nd nyonika will dislike her…..plzzz don’t show that…Its my humble request and I respect u much…u r amazing writer

    1. Just will make the truth to disclose

  3. So nice to see both like that yaar

  4. Awesome episode, love you loads

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