Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 42)


Nandini slept on his chest with manik’s arm around her
“So it’s not my dream” Manik asked
“Definitely not”replied
“You know it’s totally magical I don’t know how to express but I want to play music”
“What now? Like this?”
“Yah! It’s just us and for both of us wait I’ll just come” Manik went out and brought guitar from car
He started playing “abhi abhi tho milla hai ” a great musical beats are played.
Nandini just forgot everything and listening to him
Manik completed song he wrote all the beats in a dairy so that he will remember it for ever
Nandini hugged him and kissed him tight. Manik hugged her back found her totally naked.
She was about to run Manik took her to bed again.

They came to eat Nandini is wearing his shirt she served chicken
“Look Nandu it’s not love it’s just wrong if I eat which I really hate just because you cooked it”
“Then it’s fixed you will not touch any non veg here after”
Both took dinner
Nandini asked for long drive both went. After returning they went on talking talking talking when they slept they didn’t realise.

Next day Manik and Nandini stayed here called nyionika and informed.
Both cooked together played music Nandini danced, they done some gardening played with each other
Manik prepared two beautiful songs. Night returned home

Nyionika was on ninth cloud she congratulated both for there new journey.
Nandini was under shawor she is still feeling Manik’s essence. She is rewinding all happened.
Manik went to office but he is not in mood to work just in two hours he returned. all chachi’s and nyionika
Teased him a lot and not let him meet Nandini and took him to shopping.

After a long shopping hours he returned really tired and wexed still Nandini is not seen.
He got angry on Nandini and went to his room and shocked it’s again decorated with flowers
Dhothi is kept on bed and a piece a paper written come with this

He took bath and came Nandini was brought in by chachis and nyionika in South Indian styl with a glass of milk in hand. That was best scene for Manik

This way Manik and Nandini started there life’s best journey together

Precap; Nandini and Manik goes for shareholders meeting

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Again.. ROFL.. Mind Blowing..

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  3. Marriage in 2 style, again marital nit in 2 style .seems like they will get twins 😛

    1. Ha ha ha twins not so but twist is garented

  4. O woww.. u r amazing writer…

  5. happy birthday parth :* :*
    sunitha…. i just luv d skill of ur writting..
    n ur way of portraying the emotions… itz just awsum 🙂

  6. Nice one ? n happy birthday to manik I mean parth I wish I could wish him personally…..

  7. U r a Nice writer dear……so nice…

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