Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 41)


Manik looked inside total room is filled with rose petals no lights only candles light.
Smell of frangance is so sweet and strong itself making the mood
Bed is filled with white rose petals and designed with red roses.
Nandini in her cream and red combination gagra chili which she wear in her North Indian style wedding totally looking like a bride with transerent pallu as gumghat he eyes are seeing down
The frangance of panudus ( mogili puvulu) the candles lightening which made room dim, the light music of his song baatein much ankahee si, the shy,fear,at the same tin a strong feeling of love in nandini made Manik mesmerized.
He entered in kept the bouquet on table drank some water took Deep breath
Nandini when listened to car horn came up and sat on bed just waiting with total nervousness
To break the silence Manik just set his throat making sound “I…. Iam totally surprised……..just …… No words….. Actually shocked ….. Ya….. But totally……… Mesmerised may I ….. What to say?”Manik is unable to speak sat on a corner
Nandini is more nervous
“Iam sorry what iam talking is sence less.” He took deep breath once again shakes his head
“Ok Manik come on” spoke to himself then said “did anyone or thing which forced you to do all this..” Manik asked

Nandini nodded her head no
“Then why all this? I mean I loved it and iam speechless but still”
“I felt iam bold enough to accept our relation” in a low and soft voice by seeing him straight
Manik opened her ghumghat Nandini showed him sindoor box “you like my sindoor so you do it today”
Manik did it kissed on her forehead
Air conditioned room is making both more streemy,
Sawalisi raat Ho kamushisi Sath Ho unkahi unsuni……
Sky is filled with moon stars are blinking, cool breez was blowing from balcony he took hand made her stand removed her chunni glanced her with total love filled lust in it which made feel shy and closed her face
Manik took away her hands touched chin and lifted her face kept his hand on her waist and played with his fingers she shivered . Took the same hand to otherside of waist and pulled her more closer touched her lid with finger she looked him
“Am I not dreaming? It’s totally real and you are mine” he is not able to beleive his own fate
“Yes! Iam yours” she hugged him
Manik lifted Nandini in arms let slowly in bed removed his shirt and slept totally on her kissing her neck best place to make a women arose
Hands moved all over bodies mingled rose petals wrinkled candles loose their wax nandi’s forehead filled with sweat Manik is tired and sweating

Nandini slept on Manik’s arm

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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