Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 39)


Manik is going to Bangalore for five days on concert Nandini got work in orphanage she is not going Manik asked her twice but she refused
“You go and enjoy with your friends” Nandini packing his clothes
“Ok! As you order” he smiled
Manik went to Bangalore. Nandini is busy in orphanage she is renovating orphanage according to age of children
Nyionika came to meet Nandini
“Beta! Work is important that doesn’t mean you forget everything and just mad about it! Come on let’s go for lunch from twodays you are skipping lunch”
“Mom little work left then we will go”
“Look I will call Manik and say that you are not eating he will leave concert and come”
“Mom! It’s blackmail”
“Really mom ! I understand why Munna is like this seriously” mamdini gave a serious look both laughed
They went lunch to taj Banjara
“Mom! After Munna returns I will cook mom veg for him”
“No need there is no rule that you should do it. Chefs will cook you do what you are comfortable” nyionika explained
“It’s not like that I want to feel him happy”
“Means ?”
“He should know that happy”

“Are you really?”
“Of course mom! Any doubt?”
“Then think something which really you both can make”
“I didn’t get you mom?”
“Like go somewhere travel with him not on work as a holiday”
“He is just coming again travelling no mom”
“Then spend lonely time”
“It’s best actually I want to say you something mom”
“Yes you can”
“I should or shouldn’t I don’t know but you more of my friend best as mom and less as sass so I think I can”
“Don’t scare me say it”
“Iam thinking that ..,,, we should…,,”
“What we should?” Out of curiosity nyionika asked
“Start our life”
“Means?” Nyionika couldn’t understand what she is trying to say
Nandini hit her forehead with her hand “mom try to understand na.,,”
Nyionika got flash “oooo” she paused
” I think you should take some more time understand eachother very well”
“Ya! But ….”

“Is Munna keeping pressure on you?”
“No never like that he is supportive and total control that actually made me take this decision”
“Don’t be emotional only when your heart feel to do so then you proved” Nyionika don’t want Nandini to compromise herself for Manik
“Ok” “thanks mom”
“Anytime beta”
Nyionika is in her own thoughts as a mother of Manik she is happy that her son is going to get what he really deserve but when it’s about Nandini she is correct but she is happy now atleast there is a hope to being together

Manik is coming from Bangalore Nandini is waiting for him car entered hate by seeing this Nandini ran from balcony to see him but to her surprise it’s a lady who came
“So you are Nandini murthy” the lady exclaimed
“Yes! “Nandini is totally surprised seeing her
“Soha!” Called Nyionika

Credit to: Sunitha

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