Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 38)


Nandini is playing with parth Manik went to navya and said take parth I want to play with Nandini navya did so Manik took water pipe and start watering Nandini totally Nandini is trying a lot get away but it’s not possible Harshad gave Nandini a big plate she kept it to save her self Manik said “harsaad! It’s not fair yaar”
Nandini took colours in hand and ran near Manik but Manik didnot give hat chance
“Chachu ! Hold him”shouted Nandini he tried by Manik saved himself
Nandini is running back of him
Manik is saving himself all are helping to catch Manik for Nandini but he good in escaping both ran towards back of house Manik took her arms and hugged her she kept total colour on his face laughing
“You known I love your sindoor and this yellow thread on your neck they both make you look beautiful”
Nandini blushed “this yellow thread will be replaced with gold soon”
“As thread is easy break so it will replaced by gold so that the bond should be strong for years”
“Oho! It’s ok but you look charming in them”
“Thank you one ” she kissed on his cheek it got colour on her lips she was about wipe Manik just touched his lips on her” don’t rub they are good to see like this” there is an eye contact Manik took her more closed about to kiss her a song came lucky thu lucky me they both distracted fab4 singing and all are looking at them Nandini felt shy and closed her face with hand Manik is also in same state “saala can’t you come two mins late” Manik kicked druv
“If we would have come late this live mms khanda we would have missed replied cabir Nandini ran away
Manik took Mike and started singing “saare raat ahaha bhartha(table no21 movie song)
Druv and mukhti playing guitar
Party was going on
There was a person who climbed the opposite banglow of Manik and recording all this and giving live in a Chanel.

Mr. Murthy and family are watching this everyone are happy
“My daughter is happy she is enjoying her life nothing more I want” solochana wiped her tears
Murthy is also happy

Manik got a call and got information that it’s all being recorded all guards got alert and party wind up all went in to have shawor after Somuch of efforts that camara man was caught and brought to Manik
“Do you know what you just did?”
“I just gave trip to my channel you people are famous and everyone want to know about you I cashed it”
“That is it! You know it’s private party ”
“That is when we get more money and fame”
“You know that there were ladies playing with us my mom, sisters, wife, girls they all were wet and you are making it public to see them”
“I didn’t mean that it’s just Malhotra’s party” replied the camera man
Here came the channel owner
“Sorry sir ! We are extreamly sorry”
Nyionika Freshers up and came took her seat “so it’s you who did it”
“Mam! We are sorry just to make something big we did it”
“Ok then have a big alligation now” replied Manik
Nandini called Manik on his mobile “leave him please no thamasha”
Manik said no
Nandini pleaded him unwontedly he said ok
“Do one thing leave note of apology and delete it in web” order Manik to that Channal manager
He thanked them and went away

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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