Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 37)

Morning everything was getting ready for Holi navya and Nandini are sitting with parth and talking
“So Nandu finally you got married to your dream boy. How is your life?”
“Yes! But still we have some … What I had to say? Some small line to cross which is in between us”
“It’s ok Nandu after all this high drama you guys still managed till now then it great”
“May be if I didn’t meet Appa before getting married definitely we both would had a Great War or may a big gap but seriously mom and he are just amazing they cried with me, understood me, helped a lot to overcome once I even cutted pulse to die. He never gave up on me and mom she is the best sass”
“Harshaad was killing himself Appa kept him in promise that he should not interfere in between you and Appa. After Somuch of pleasing and Appa allowed us to come. At some point I was worried Harshad may take any big step and damage your life more”
“No more revanges navya I can’t handle anymore. Let everything settled. I adjusted. But sometimes iam scared do I really belong to any place? One day may come I may thrown away from this place then where should I go???? ”
Navya hugged Nandini “that will never come this is your family now Manik is your husband you have all rights on him and this family. Don’t worry all your bad days are turning into good iam seeing that Manik loves you a lot it never happens”
“Yah! He do.” Nandini smiled
“Atleast you got your antic peice”
What girls having fun all alone? Nikhil came, three of them started tee sing eachother and remembering college fun

Harshad and Manik get along with each other. Harshad is satisfied that Manik is good at nature and really hardworking still maintain family time. When it comes Nandini he is so caring and protective. Phone calls in between work to Nandini made Harshad feel satisfied,especially when it comes to calling Nandini as Chutki it made Harshad feel very happy.

Holi day;
Nyionika made Nandini sing a Keerthan they made her to talk all elders ashirwad all gave Shagun. She also made Nikhil, Prithvi to take blessing but three took her in arms and made her to scream everyone were laughing Manik came all of sudden Nikhil kept her down and hall was silent they all took blessings from Manik
“Nandu! Your husband is a monster or what everyone scare about him?”
“No! Not at all but all younger ones respect him a lot”
Manik took Nandini in arms and took her to pool and throwed her in water all laughed at a time Nandin got up and pulled him in, Navya throwed colour on Nandini
All started colouring eachother Harshad and boys are drenching eachother music was on fun is going on

Credit to: Sunitha.k


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..