Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 36)


Nandini is playing with parth navya watched her half an hour she took parth and made him sit in sofa and hugged nandini, she didn’t respond frist but navya didnot leave her
Nandini hugged her back and cried

Both started talking navya is happy that is safe told about everyone at home specially appa but nandini did not utter a word
Manik gave company to harshaad nikhil and prithiv joined them

Manik called nandini she came running
“I will go to office along with harshaad we will return for lunch”
“Just ok! You are not happy you got your friend back your bhai back and how you are hugging parth you didn’t hug me like that”
Nandini smiles and kissed him on his cheek
Manik looked with surprise
“It’s for calling them” “thanks one”

“I didn’t call them” manik said sincearly
“Realllyyy” she smiled
“I didn’t call them but I thought of calling today”
“So they came by themselves” ” she is more happy kissed him again
Then realized and started to run away but manik stopped held her hand and said “be like this always I want nandini with best smile on her face her eyes should sparkle like stars”
“I will try”
“Enjoy with your friend and parth”
Manik and harshaad went to office all day nandini enjoyed with navya and parth night harshaad joined them manik felt lonely but didnot disturb them

Late night nandini entered bedroom manik was trying to sleep by seeing nandini asked “I thought you guys will hang out all night”
“Bhai and navya send me said you will be waiting for me”
” that is true”
Nandini slept besides him
“Chutki! I think on that day I gave you a suggestion remember about a child it’s correct you play with kids most so you can think”
Nandini blushed “may be you want to say some other thing”
“No! Iam gentleman! I can manage things see”
Both laughed
“On serious note I want it and I know you are not against it now but we will wait till your heart says you really want it”
“How do I know?”
Simple! Say it

She laughed “girls can’t”
“Then let’s have a code for it”
“For what?”
“Look when ever I want a kiss I will say iam thirsty, if I want hug I will say iam feeling cold, if I want that …,”
“How do you get such ideas? Like kissing to express thanks and sorry now all these how?”
“Whenever I look at you I want to kiss you so I got that idea as we have sorry and thanks the most in our conversation ”
She laughed and said brilliant idea
“I want something sweet”he said like yuraka and “if you want to refuse what will be the code instead of saying no”
“Control your speed” she said with smile

“Ok! Fine” but..,, till now you didn’t call me by name or anything look iam calling you chutki call me manik”
“Antic piece”
“That’s not fair” he kept a puppy face
“It’s best” she smiled he tickled her she ran away he caught her both laughed he hugged her tight and said “ask me with my name to leave you then I will”
“No!” She said it stubornly
“Please” he begged
“How I had to call”
“Minna leave me”
He left her

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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