Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 34)


Manik asked Nandini shall we have food? She obeyed
He opened the vessels and turned plates Nandini served food
“I was rude on that day I asked you to prepare pasta and druv was shocked”
“That was frist experience in kitchen which I even tried when you were sick”
“It was tasty both time” Nandini complimented
“Frist time is your amms who prepared second times me but I failed three times nd fourth time was surved to you”
“Yah and who is it now?”
Nandini looked in surprise “you cooked this pasta?”
” yes till early so that I can spend time that’s y it’s keep it castrol”
“It’s really yummy”
“Can I ask you one thing?”
“I kidnapped you, I married you without even asking you, I gave you pain, becoz of me you are hurt still you are giving me soooomuch of happiness how? And why you are not even calling Appa. He just sent you back why?”
“Appa!” She got tears in her eyes “every relation stands on trust which I lost in my appa’s eyes there ends everything” she wiped her eyes ” about you only reason is iam going through the pain of father less child which I understood and family who looses a sister and brother at a time it’s painful but taking revenge on a girl is wrong.” She took a deep breath ” I can’t make you understand may be the pain which I felt about my father had suppressed this pain”
“About me?”
” Iam totally crazy for you from day one when I saw you singing in Audi may be that madness had turned my fate in such a way that you had to marry me you law of attraction may be it worked out” she smiled
Manik too smiled” it’s law of attraction which did all this not me”
“May be”
Both smiled
“On serious note iam sorry doing all this is totally wrong I do regrate from bottom of my heart I can’t make it correct but I promise at any time if you want me to fulfill your wish which is not acceptable for me I will still accept to do so” he is sitting on his knees and said it
“O! It’s a blind promise”
Yes! And and I have a gift for me if you wear that dress I will give you
“Yes! I will turn back and stand in this corner where light is not there you can change and here no one are there only we both”
Nandini took the dress Manik turned back
Feeling of Nandini changing dress made Manik more impulsive
Nandini came in ten
Manik looked at her she was gorgeous he took out a small box in which there is a thin chain with diamonds on it in a single row he again sat on knees and made nanidini hands wide open he touched her waist and kept it.
It was on her waist shining he bit her slightly on the left side of her waist which gave Nandini goose bombs and she ranaway and turned opposite and stood there her heart is beating fast as engine
Manik hugged her from back “it’s just that iam unable to control my feelings you look beautiful and s*xy . I want this to be der forever when I saw you wearing a gold chain on saree I just loved it ”
Nandini smiled
Shall we go if not I may loose my control he said rubbing his hand Nandini smiled and agreed both returned home

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Hate this drama so cheesey and takes so long just doing expressions .! Not a good story line boring.!!!!!

  2. Verry depressing not what asian people want to watch!

    1. dear i totally disagree
      some things that remain in our culture can never be extracted and thrown away
      even this sequence has its own beauty
      the thing is may be u are not able to see that beauty
      its not that just the next day of marriage people make out due to desperation, it takes time to get to know and then let one’s self to someone else
      and this journey is very beautifully expressed here by sunitha
      i dont say u read it even if u find it boring, but no need to discourage someone when u urself cant create something awesome

      1. Absolutely right

      2. yeah dats true i agree wth u niri… n sunitha ki ua a awsme writer …so please update ua nxt soon waiting to read dat..tysm 🙂

      3. Wowwww Niri love you…well said my dear. ..sunitha my dearrrrr you’re Awesome. …just ignore negative comments. …

  3. @bal khan vey true lol xp__

  4. So beautiful yaar………nice episode..keep writing..waiting for next…

  5. Ohooo so romantic yaar

  6. Its beautiful to feel n imagine ur story keep writing dear

  7. It’s amazing everytime I read an episode I keep wondering whats next??would that be that much interesting???but you always surprise me with another amazing episode.don’t know about others I really liked it.keep up the good work n plz don’t stop coz different people have different opinion n gotta do what you do…so just tell the story like you want to say it.I really like your story…❤❤❤

  8. beautiful…..pls continue we are liking it…. but pls reveal the mystery of Mr. Murthy. and those who feel depressed dnt read it. simple….

    1. Me.murthy’s suspense is at last episodes story can’t allow but you have soon a villain to entrr

  9. This update is great like previous ones.plz cpntinue like that. This story from ur heart very nicely conveyed to us… At morning after i wake up my first work is to check my phone if there is any update of urs and at nit before sleeping i do the same thing as last. Just loved ur story. N who dont like this plz dont comment here. U r not liking that doesnt mean the other persons r also not.if u dont like than dont read.simple…. Just love this current story track. Thanks sunitha…

  10. Sunitha wont u give the update of ur other ff manik malhotra? I m waiting 4 that too

  11. sunitha dear i love it even though the sequence is slow yet i loved it to core these short understandings and small clarifications build a better relation and u r perfectly executing this
    keep going we all love u, at least most of us do
    love u and need next part asap, yeah?

  12. completely agree with u niri…….. I felt the same…….. life will be beautiful forever if they resolve all their misunderstandings through talks……….. suni u r an amazing writer………… the way u r showing feelings of each other its awesome……….

  13. Aweosme yrr.. I love ur ff.. Keep updating?

  14. its was really magical dear….
    u r such a wonderful writer…

  15. Awesome episode, love you loads for this beautiful story….keep on….it’s such a sweeeeeet n lovely story

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